Sustainable Lifestyles 2050: Visions and Policy Actions

INVITATION: 10 November 2011 – Brussels, Belgium – 10am to 4.30 pm
The SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050, European Social Platform FP7 project, invites you to experience the future of sustainable lifestyles and the policies that will get us there.
Key themes:
* Vision 2050: What will a future where all Europeans are living more sustainably look like? Experts from policy, business, society and design will present their visions for more sustainable futures

* Promising practice 2011: What are current learnings and promising practice for sustainable living from across the EU-27? Entrepreneurs and practitioners addressing more sustainable living models, today and from across Europe, will present their promising practices

* Policy: What policies will enable more sustainable living options across Europe? Policy-makers, experts and practitioners will discuss promising policy practice already delivering more sustainable living and co-create policy action pathways to more sustainable lifestyles of the future 

Confirmed speakers presenting their visions 2050:

Confirmed speakers presenting promising practices and trends:

  • Lars Fogh Mortensen (Head of Sustainable Consumption and Production Group, European Environment Agency)
  • Juha Koponen (CEO &  Co-Founder Netcycler Oy)
  • Sue Riddlestone (Executive Director & Co-Founder of BioRegional)
  • Graham Russell (Head, Centre of Expertise on Influencing Behaviours, DEFRA)

 Registrations deadline 3 November 2011! Places for this free-of-charge-event are limited. If you like to join, kindly send the following required information to Name, Title, Organisation.