It has been more than nine years since the IFLA-Asia Pacific Regional Congress (then known as the Eastern Region of IFLA) was held at Riga, Latvia (October 2002). It was during this Congress that a major decision was made to establish an annual award for excellence in the practice of landscape architecture within the Asia Pacific Region.
The Asia Pacific region occupies a unique place in the world. It has the world’s oldest civilizations with a diversity of races and religions, the world’s most populated areas, and a vast range of bio-diversity. It is the home of agricultural practices which have been responsible for nurturing several civilizations.
The profession is undergoing rapid change in several parts of the world and the Asia-Pacific region is no exception to this world phenomenon. The profession has now become broad based involving various disciplines connected with the environment, human settlements and related human activities. The scope of professional activities extend from saving one unique tree to the design, planning, management and protection of our environment and our planet’s natural resources at a world level.
The basic premise that the award programme will promote the landscape profession and increase its visibility’ is still valid and crucial to the profession.

IFLA-APR conducts the awards to recognize the work of the full/registered members of its member associations/institutes (AILA, CHKILA, CHSLA, CTLAS, ISOLA, ISLA, ILAM, ISLAP, IFLA JAPAN, KILA, NZILA, PALA, SILA, SLILA and TALA).
The awards are open to Landscape Architecture practices with members who are full and financial members of their relevant landscape architecture institutes/associations that are current members of IFLA APR.
The award submission must be made by the office directly involved in the delivery of the project nominated – not by another branch or overseas office. The project being nominated must have been directly overseen by a full association/institute member; that is a full member must be the landscape architect in charge of the landscape architecture project or the aspect of the project being submitted for the award. The lead project landscape architect must be so nominated, and any other landscape architectural input such as consultancy advice specified and attributed.
Any project which previously won any categories in IFLA APR Awards for Landscape Architecture is not eligible for the 2012 awards.
In cases where practitioners of other professions have been the principal consultants, the award will be awarded to and attributed to the landscape architect members’ practice/government agency in recognition of their role as part of the design or planning team. As appropriate, the principal consultant, the clients and/or partners may be also attributed on the award certificate. All correct attributions must be included in the submission – including where possible, names of the photographers. Decisions on attribution and eligibility will be decided on by IFLA-APR. Where necessary, variations and queries will be referred to the IFLA-APR Awards Committee.

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