IFLA 50 – Shared wisdom in an age of change

Welcome to the International Federation of Landscape Architects Congress 2013

Registration for the IFLA World Congress 2013, being held in Auckland from 10-12 April 2013, is now open.

Early Fee Registrations will be accepted up to and inclusive of 30 November 2012.

IFLA50 – Shared wisdom in an age of change

Never has the discipline of landscape architecture been more relevant than in this age of momentous global change, where current approaches to management of our landscape can no longer be sustained.

IFLA50; shared wisdom in an age of change’ provides a framework within which to consider our changing landscape through multiple dimensions of wisdom. Whether exploring ancient wisdom, reaching across realms of contemporary knowledge, or imagining a more resilient future, shared wisdom strengthens our ability to effect positive change.

Please refer to the Congress website for more information about IFLA 2013 and to register.

We look forward to welcoming you to Auckland in April 2013.

IFLA World Congress 2013 Local Organising Committee

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Les Victoires du Paysage

La lettre des Victoires du Paysage

J-18 avant la clôture des inscriptions aux Victoires du Paysage !

Vous n’êtes pas encore inscrit ?

Vous avez un aménagement paysager à présenter aux Victoires du Paysage ?

Inscrivez-vous sans attendre sur www.lesvictoiresdupaysage.com !

Professionnels du paysage, mobilisez-vous pour aider vos maîtres d’ouvrage à constituer un dossier et mettez ainsi en valeur votre professionnalisme et vos savoir-faire !

 Le 16 juin, il sera trop tard !

Comment s’inscrire ? C’est très simple, rapide et gratuit

– En ligne sur http://www.lesvictoiresdupaysage.com

– Rendez-vous sur l’onglet « Concours » où vous trouverez les informations pratiques sur les Victoires du Paysage et quelques conseils pour bien préparer votre dossier de candidature.

– Tous les éléments réunis, il suffit de cliquer sur « Inscription » et… de se laisser guider.

Petits conseils pratiques pour l’inscription :

– L’inscription se déroule en 5 étapes (vous avez la possibilité de remplir votre formulaire en plusieurs fois)

– Vérifier bien que tous les acteurs sont cités et le maitre d’ouvrage identifié

– Préciser le contact pour le suivi de la candidature

– Fournir un maximum de bonnes photos
Qui peut participer ?

– Pour concourir, il faut être une collectivité, une entreprise ou un particulier ayant fait appel aux professionnels du paysage : un paysagiste concepteur pour la conception, une entreprise du paysage pour la mise en œuvre et un ou plusieurs pépiniéristes ou horticulteurs pour la fourniture des végétaux.

– Du plus petit au plus grand projet, tout le monde peut participer : de la terrasse ou jardin d’un particulier ou d’une entreprise, en passant par les projets immobiliers jusqu’aux aménagements à plus ou moins grande envergure d’une collectivité. Un impératif : chaque réalisation doit être achevée depuis moins de 5 ans.

Un problème ou une question? Le secrétariat des Victoires du Paysage est à votre disposition au 01 44 17 06 06



DRS // CUMULUS Oslo 2013 – Call for Papers

The 2nd International Conference for Design Education Researchers 14-17 May 2013, Oslo, Norway
Organised by Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Art Design -DRS (Design Research Society) – CUMULUS (the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media).
This international conference is a springboard for sharing ideas and concepts about contemporary design education research. Contributors are invited to submit research that deals with different facets of contemporary approaches to design education research. All papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed.
This conference is open to research in any aspect and discipline of design education.
Conference theme:
Designed artefacts and solutions influence our lives and values, both from a personal and societal perspective. Designers, decision makers, investors and consumers hold different positions in the design process, but they all make choices that will influence our future visual and material culture. To promote sustainability and meet global challenges for the future, professional designers are dependent on critical consumers and a design literate general public. For this purpose design education is important for all. We propose that design education in general education represents both a foundation for professional design education and a vital requirement for developing the general public competence for informed decision making.
We invite submissions along the following themes:
:: Philosophy of design education
:: Design curriculum
:: Design knowledge
:: Design education for non-designers
:: Research informed designed education
:: Design education informing research
:: Multidisciplinary design education
:: Challenges in design education methods
:: Assessment
:: Internationalisation of design education
We are also seeking expression of interest to conduct workshops and symposia. We especially welcome early career researchers, PhD candidates and Master students with work in progress.
e-mail address: DRScumulus@hioa.no
Intention to submit a Paper
Proposals for papers in English should contain the following:
:: Proposed paper title
:: Summary of proposed paper including a description of methodology used (200 words max)
:: Up to 4 bibliographical references (on top of the 200 word limit)
:: First and second choice conference theme for the proposed paper
Intentions to submit will be submitted online at http://www.hioa.no/DRScumulus. Paper proposals will not be reviewed, but brief feedback will be given.
Full papers should be between 4000-6000 words. This is a general design education research conference and it is expected that a wide variety of
work- in-progress or finalized research will be reported. However, irrespective of the range and stage of your research, the organizers expect the highest standards of scholarship in terms of establishing context, explicating the methods of inquiry, and reporting results that may aid other researchers and/or practitioners.
To preserve anonymity, author names should NOT be identified in the body of the paper. Authors should be referred to in the text or notes in the third person only. Papers must be previously unpublished. Papers can be submitted online at http://www.hioa.no/DRScumulus
Proceedings from the conference will be published online. Please see the conference website http://www.hioa.no/DRScumulus for detailed guidance about submitting a full paper.
We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Scientific Journals:
:: FORMakademisk
:: Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education
:: TechneA
The journals will publish special issues with articles selected from papers and keynote lectures presented at the conference.
Proposal for Workshop and Symposia, submission guidelines
:: Working title
:: Responsible person and for Workshop/Symposia also list contributors’ names and affiliation
:: Aim and content (400 words)
1 June 2012…………… Intention to submit opens
24 July 2012 …………. Deadline for Intention to submit a Paper
2 October 2012 ……… Deadline for Workshop and Symposia proposals
30 October 2012 ……. Deadline for full Papers
18 December 2012 ….. Paper accepted
5 February 2013 ……… Deadline for full Paper with corrections
26 February 2013 ……. Deadline for early bird registration
19 March 2013 ………… Deadline for author registration
14 May 2013 ……………. Conference opens

Italian Landscape Architecture Course – University for Foreigners of Perugia, Italy





The University for Foreigners of Perugia offers you a full immersion programme on Italian landscape architecture.
10 days to be spent in Umbria, to fully understand the structure of the Italian landscape, to visit the lush Umbrian gardens in magical atmospheres of music and literature and to acquire a deeper knowledge of the Italian language and culture.
Further details at http://www.unistrapg.it/en/node/2227

For further information:
Simonetta Farinelli
International Relations Office
University for Foreigners of Perugia
E-mail: relint@unistrapg.it
Tel: +39 075 5746243

An Integrated Landscape: Yongsan National Park


Humans evolved to love nature. So city-dwellers, too, can and are rediscovering this natural connection, finding that it enhances our health, learning, and fun. As we reconnect with nature, it’s likely that support for public action to heal the natural world will grow too. (Frances Moore Lappé, EcoMind: Changing the way we think, to create the world we want, p.197)

That quote was in my mind when I came across an interesting link, courtesy of Knowledge Ecology, on a new proposed national park in Korea.

Winning proposal for Yongsan National Park in Seoul, Korea:

Rotterdam-based urban design and landscape architecture practice west 8 and korean firm IROJE have collaboratively designed ‘Yongsan park’, the winning proposal for the International Competition for Master plan of Yongsan park in Seoul, Korea. The master plan transforms a 243 hectare site within the center of the urban fabric which has been isolated with a…

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IFLA 2013 Call for Abstracts Now Open

The closing date for abstract submissions is 28 September 2012. Accepted abstract submitters will then be required to register and finalise a paper for the proceedings by January 31 2013.

Congress Theme – Shared wisdom in an age of change – overview

Never has the discipline of landscape architecture been more relevant than in this age of momentous global change, where current approaches to management of our landscape can no longer be sustained.

IFLA50; shared wisdom in an age of change’ provides a framework within which to consider our changing landscape through multiple dimensions of wisdom. Whether exploring ancient wisdom, reaching across realms of contemporary knowledge, or imagining a more resilient future, shared wisdom strengthens our ability to effect positive change.

Abstract Submissions may be made under the following themes:

  • Contemporary issues around globalisation
  • Indigenous wisdom
  • Local landscape
  • Radical change and resilience
  • Rural landscapes
  • Urban landscapes

For information about submission guidelines and to submit your abstract please visit the Call for Abstracts page on the IFLA 2013 website.

Registration for the Congress will be opening on May 22nd and full details of how to register and book your accommodation for the Congress will be emailed to you.

If you have any queries about submitting your abstract or the Congress in general which are not answered on our website please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing ifla@tcc.co.nz.

We look forward to receiving your submissions over the coming months.

The IFLA 2013 Organising Committee

Gardens of Sicily

This is an exciting new slant on Sicily‘s gardens and landscapes, ephemeral, public, private and agricultural, with glorious photography by Mario Ciampi and brief informative, but highly readable texts by Clare Littlewood. Many of the private gardens have never been published before and their owners have kindly granted permission to peep over their garden gates or glance out onto their secret terraces, a privileged view into the private spaces normally jealously guarded for family and friends. The landscapes show something of the glory of Sicily’s natural and agricultural land in different seasons: the exuberance of nature, riots of colour and the dramatic force of lava flows and erosion, plants struggling against and together with the alternating violence and gentleness of the elements in Sicily. Goethe, in his Italian Journey perspicaciously remarked that “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily leaves no image on the soul, for Sicily is the clue to everything”. The images on these pages certainly leave a strong imprint on the soul and reveal many of Sicily’s beautiful secrets and unknown corners

CLARE LITTLEWOOD is a landscape architect, for more than 10 years she has been the Italian representative at the IFLA International Federation of Landscape Architecture. She collaborates with many international reviews like Gardenia, Abitare, Casaidea.

Publisher: Verba Volante Ltd