7th European Biennial of Landscape Architecture of Barcelona

Among the wonderful events offered next September 2012 regarding Landscape Architecture (IFLA World Congress, ASLA Congress, ECLAS General Assembly, etc) I have to stress attention – for some minutes- on our humble European Biennial of Landscape Architecture of Barcelona. Our 7th edition has to be inscribed within the framework of Spanish circumstances and therefore this edition should be valued as a small miracle performed at a national and European level to maintain the gravity center of the profession for 3 days in the south of Europe, in Barcelona.

It is a huge collective effort, finally blossoming and therefore we have to admit we are really proud to announce the panel for next edition.

The symposium:

The symposium in its modernist splendid venue at the Palau de la Música, will last three days (Thursday 27th, Friday 28th and Saturday Morning 29th) and includes talks, presentations by the finalists of the Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize, round tables and discussions where it will be possible to track and evaluate the evolution of landscape design in Europe.

Day 1: Presentation of the Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize Finalists.
The International Jury Panel Members (IFLA President Desiree Martínez, Kathryn Gustafson, Karin Helms and Carme Ribas) have selected the finalists for the Rosa Barbà European Landscape Prize from among the projects presented. A selection of all 7 firms among the 352 presented projects, all of them works built in Europe between 2007 and 2011. The Jury was especially satisfied with the finalist short list, agreed promptly and almost unanimously after several pre-finalist rounds, in during the spring virtual meetings.

The 7 selected works, offered a representative and kaleidoscopic overview suitable for all audience, ranging projects from various sizes. From the precious projects of  The Written Garden ‘Gardens of the World’ by Marianne Mommsen or the delicate intervention of Michael van Gessel in “Twickel Estate, renovation of the historic park of Twickel Castle” to huge regeneration interventions as the “Ettara, Effluent water treatment station” by Joao Nunes or Tudela Restoration in Cap de Creus by Martí  Franch Batllori to outstanding great parks with social success as Ile Seguin, jardin de prefiguration“ by Michel Desvigne or “Martin Luther King park” by  Jacqueline Osty both in Paris or magnificent  “Mangfallpark Rosenheim” by  Robel  Steffan.

Day 2: Biennial Vs Biennial
Biennial against Biennial wants to be present at the discussion of what should be the landscape design and planning nowadays, aiming to provide a plausi­ble (and exciting) future. Consequently, the biennial will review formats, formulas, concepts and professional practice objectives while watching herself critically as the main living platform for European Landscape and watchtower of the International Lands­cape Architecture movements. Within this framework, our keynote speakers will present and debate on our profession’s internatio­nalization and the future:

Marieke Timmermans. Landscape Architect , Head of the department of Landscape at Academy of Architecture Amsterdam and Owner at la4sale, The Netherlands.

Julie Bargmann. Landscape Architect, Founding Principal of DIRT Studio and Associate Professor at Virginia University, USA.

ROUND TABLE: Innovation in Education
Chaired by Carles Llop, Dr. Architect and Head of the Department of Urban Planning and Territorial Development at UPC and Founding Principal of Cabinet – Jornet – Llop – Pastor, Spain

Manuel Bailo. Dr. Architect and lecturer at the Department of Urbanism at UPC and Founding Principal of Bailo + Rull I ADD + Arquitectura, Spain
Cristina Castelbranco. Dr. Landscape Architect, Professor at Instituto Superior de Agronomia de Lisboa, UTL and Founding Principal of Acbpaisagem, Portugal
Marc Claramunt. Landscape Architect, Professor at “École Nationale Supérieure de La Nature et du Paysage” in Blois and CEO of FFP, French Landscape Architects Federation, France
Ana Luengo. Dr. Landscape Architect and Founding Principal of Citerea, Spain
Lisa Mackenzie. Dr. Landscape Architect and Lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art, United Kingdom
Jorg Sieweke. Landscape Architect and Assistant Professor at Virginia University (USA), Germany
Sue Anne Ware. Dr. Landscape Architect and Professor at Melbourne University, Australia
Manolo Ruisánchez. Architect and Professor at the Department of Urban Planning and Territorial Development at UPC and Founding Principal of Ruisánchez arquitectes, Spain
Gilles Vexlard. Landscape Architect, Founding Principal of Latitude Nord and Professor at ENSP in Versailles, France.

ROUND TABLE: Innovation in Prof. Practice
Chaired by Álex Giménez, Architect and Professor at the Department of Urban Planning and Territorial Development at UPC and director of the project “Racons Públics”, Spain

Bet Capdeferro. Landscape Architect and Founding Principal of Studio Bosch-Capdeferro, Spain
Matteo Gatto. Dr. Architect, Professor of Landscape Architecture at Milan Politecnico and Chief Architect of Expo 2015, Italy
Vicent Guallart (to be confirmed). Chief architect of the city of Barcelona , General Director of Urban Habitat since 2011 and Founding Principal of Guallart Architects, Spain
Nigel Thorne. Landscape Architect and President of the IFLA European Region, United Kingdom
Ramon Torra (to be confirmed). Architect and CEO of Área metropolitana de Barcelona, Mancomunitat de Municipis, Spain
Craig Verzone. Landscape Architect in the state of Massachusetts (USA), member of the Swiss Federation of Landscape Architects and Founding Principal of Verzone Woods Architectes, Switzerland

Day 3: Biennial featuring Topos:
Under the title of “The World of Landscape Architecture” and by the hand of different landscape designers and governmental technicians we will over view last 20 years of the discipline according Topos lecture in the occasion of Topos silver jubilee.

Robert Schäfer, Topos: Challenges and Visions
Sébastien Penfornis, Taktyk, Paris/Brussels, About Representation
Topos Landscape Award 2012
Reiulf Ramstad, National Tourist routes Norway, Oslo,
Architecture and Landscape
Topos Jubilee Award 1
Christina Tenjiwe Kaba, Abalimi Bezekhaya, South Africa
Capetown, Micro Farming and more
Topos Jubilee Award 2
Herbert Dreiseitl, Überlingen/Portland/Shanghai/Singapore
Green-Blue Infrastructure
Kathryn Gustafson, Seattle/London, Concept and Design

The exhibitions

The second strategic initiative aims to present all stages of works to Biennial participants and outside viewers. From student’s projects to professional works, the compendium of works express our desire to intently study and discuss landscape interventions, as much from the perspective of landscape architecture as from other disciplines that are linked to its study and evolution.

Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize exhibition
A selection of the presented projects, works built in Europe between 2007 and 2011, will available for viewing at the Architectural Association in Plaça Nova, at the permanent exhibition on the ground floor. Those projects are the ones to be compiled in the Catalog of the 7th European Biennial of Landscape Architecture.

International exhibition of Landscape Schools
One more year Barcelona holds the International Exposition of University Projects in the Schools of Architecture and Landscape. The organizing committee considered that the participation of the didactic works remarkably contributed to enrich the debate on the landscape architecture. The final outcome represented 92 schools worldwide, proudly defining transcontinental best practices in our profession.

Collserola Gates Exhibition
Open exhibition to the outcomes of the latest competition in Landscape and Urbanism in Barcelona. The rearrangement of the 12 gates to the main city Park located in the mountain of Collserola. The works of national and international colleagues will be shown in the Architectural association in order to generate debate on the city’ future and strategic plan.

The publications

We are proud to think we helped to the European professional evolution overview thorough out the 6 catalog covering a wide range of landscape intervention form 1990 to 2010.

Each European Biennial of Landscape Architecture can be traced by two complementary publications disseminating the contents of the Biennial and the Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize.

The main one, is of course the book considered as the catalog output. The Catalog of the 6th European Biennial of Landscape Architecture is in fact the physical outcome were the text of the lecturers can be found and the projects selected for the exhibition of the European Biennial of Landscape Architecture are published.

Complementary to this, we always work on the program for the event composing our per-catalogue. This booklet humbly lay-outed as a collection since its 1st edition in 1999, gathers the illustrated CV of all lecturers, Jury, curators and organizers in order to fulfill our participants with a maximum of information on the moment of the arrival (digital version of the 7th available in our website)

Complementary landscape activities.

Last but not least, we would like to resume the compendium of parallel activities organized during the biennial, thank to the viral effect of the Biennial in Catalan society and resulting with the most valuable initiatives to complement the experience of the event.

The importance of accessories today is paramount, even more than the ensemble itself. Accessories speak volumes about an event’s dressing up. Moreover, those accessories made the difference in previous editions and therefore they must be named.

Award Ceremony

The most amazing Award Ceremony will take place in Palau Auditorium: the Announcement of the 7th Rosa Barbà European Landscape Prize winner, followed by the announcement of the International School Exhibition winner, the announcement of Barcelona latest Landscape Architecture Competition winner and the public opinion’s award.

Saturday evening and Sunday Guided Technical Visit

The Commission wants to point out once again the importance of live experience with 3 different proposals to approach the city and the latest’s landscape projects. Guided visit to the Llobrebat river rearrangements by the Mancomunitat de Municipis will be provided on Saturday Evening. Bike Tour to the waterfront of the city and slow food itinerary through renewed Montjuic mountain landscape will be available for Sunday Morning visitors.

As above mentioned, next September offers many attractive traveling opportunities for professionals aiming to visit and learn on our professions around the world. Barcelona is an inexpensive alternative to focus both in education and professional practice future while enjoying the end of summer in our beloved city. Looking forward to meeting you all there!

Marina Cervera i Alonso de Medina
Member of the Scenitific Committe of European Biennial of Landscape Architectura of Barcelona