ICCROM Scanning Project / Projet de numérisation de l’ICCROM

 The ICCROM Library and Communications Service are very happy to announce the scanning and digitization of past ICCROM and ICCM (International Council of the Conservation of Mosaics) publications.  This is a fantastic opportunity to further ICCROM’s educational and training mandates, while sowing seeds to stimulate new conservation research.

Authors, collaborators and contributors to these past publications are invited to read this notice carefully.


La Bibliothèque de l’ICCROM et le Service de communication sont très heureux d’annoncer la numérisation des anciennes publications de l’ICCROM et de l’ICCM (Comité international pour la conservation des mosaïques). Il s’agit là d’une opportunité formidable de renforcer le mandat de l’ICCROM dans le domaine de l’éducation et de la formation, et de semer des graines propres à faire germer de nouvelles recherches en conservation.

Les auteurs, les collaborateurs et les contributeurs à ces anciennes publications sont priés de lire attentivement cette annonce.

En savoir plus : http://bit.ly/VPs3ga


VII:th ICON LA International Conference 2013

5 June ‐ 7 June 2013. St. Petersburg (Russia).
Water landscapes and urbanization: design, ecology and management

The main objective of this international scientific conference is to raise the attention and
awareness among scientists, urban planners, hydrologists, ecologists, professional landscape architects, city administrations and other appropriate stakeholders, about water landscapes in urban environments. The focus will be on the understanding of modern and heritage water landscapes, evaluation of its ecological and cultural values, visions of blue infrastructures and mitigation of consequences of globalisation and climate change. St. Petersburg is the truly city of water landscapes with Neva River, numerous tributaries, canals, streams, fountains and wetlands. St. Petersburg history and culture is based around the water theme.  Floods were a recurring feature of this city for more than three hundred years. The dam construction attracted attention of the world’s scientists and engineers in this field.  The “Venice of the North” is invited as participants to share their vision on future of water landscapes.

There will be 5 subthemes during the conference:

  1. Water landscapes and mitigation of global/climate change;
  2. Water Heritage Landscapes (water landscapes in history, literature and art)
  3. Water landscapes as a part of Green‐Blue infrastructures;
  4. Ecology of Water landscapes;
  5. Design and Management of water landscapes

Find more at https://docs.google.com/document/d/10A1CPIsm1JVsM_542t2BFLnikr0jNQA5ClOpqaMKWoo/edit


2013 BC Society of Landscape Architects Conference – Call for Papers

Depth of Field- Exploring Our Culture Through the Creative Lens
A call for abstracts, papers, presentations, workshops, or designs:
The British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA) is pleased to request a call for papers for the 2013 Annual Conference, Showcase and Annual General Meeting “Depth of Field- Exploring Our Culture Through the Creative Lens”, to be held April 26 and 27 at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel (1180 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC).
Call for Papers
The BCSLA 2013 conference will test our willingness to leverage our collective creativity in
ways that are good for us, good for business, and good for society. By stimulating dialog with our membership and the broader creative cultural community, the conference will act as a catalyst to bring together a range of creative voices focused on a common quest – that of understanding our creative intelligence and its inherent value to society. Our central premise is that we are an integral part of the broader cultural community that surrounds us. As creative practitioners we share in the opportunities to explore and create in new and influential ways.
We encourage speakers to test the limits of our daily focus and challenge us to be alert and ready to step beyond cultural norms – beyond the obvious boundaries of Landscape
Architecture. Our focus is on providing attendees with exposure to a wide variety of speakers not only from our community but the greater cultural community to which we belong. We will provide messages that are engaging, challenging, and innovative and inspiring to us in our daily practices.
The BCSLA Annual Conference is an opportunity for design professionals, practitioners, and key stakeholders, from the public and private sector, academia, and the community to come together to share ideas and projects. The goal of this year’s conference is to explore the common creative ground that we are a part of so that we may further develop the techniques and tools of our profession.
To ensure the program succeeds at showcasing the depth of our profession and the creative sparks that ignite, inspire and influence us, we invite all BCSLA Members, allied professionals, and interested practitioners to submit abstracts for papers, presentations, panels, and/or designs for the Conference taking place April 26 and 27. Priority will be given to those proposals that address the Conference theme. Please refer to the Submission Schedule for key dates. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.
Abstract Submittal
Abstracts for all papers are due no later than 12:00 Noon PST, January 31, 2013. Abstracts
must be limited to 400 words. All abstracts must be submitted electronically. Participants may submit an unlimited number of abstracts if they wish. Send abstracts as an attachment to Jessica Tan, BCSLA Administrative Assistant conference@bcsla.org (RE: BCSLA Conference Abstract – <Last Name>)

Please include the following:
Page 1
1. Abstract title, author’s name, institution/firm (if applicable), phone number, full mailing address and e-mail address.
2. A 50-word biography and headshot in hi-res. jpeg or tiff format.
3. Indicate if you would be willing to act as a moderator.
Page 2
4. 50-75-word summary of your presentation.
5. Body of the abstract with the paper title (no more than 400 words).
6. Preference for your presentation format.
Panels and Presentations:
Please submit a topic of discussion and the names of at least two panellists that have agreed to sit on the panel. A one-page rationale for the panel discussion and a brief description of the background of each of the panellists is to be submitted. Panel discussions must be related to the Conference themes. A presentation of a paper prepared for the panel discussion is also possible provided the paper addresses the Conference
theme and can stimulate discussion. Each panel will consist of a 50-70 minute panel discussion followed by a 12-20 minute discussion with the audience. We ask that a moderator be identified for each panel discussion.
Design Submissions:
The 2013 BCSLA Conference will provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals to submit design propositions pertaining to the Conference theme. The intention is to invite illustrations of innovative design that showcases the creative potential of the field of Landscape Architecture. In addition to the above, each abstract should include no more than four drawings, images, and etcetera that begin to define the
design proposition. There is no restriction on the final format (technology permitting) – the proposal and presentation can utilize illustration and/or any form of multi-media.
The 2013 BCSLA Conference will provide an opportunity for hands-on, interactive skill development and training workshops of about 2 and 1/2 hours; the intention is to provide the opportunity to explore and share in the wealth of experience and creativity that is the mainstay of our profession.
2013 Submission Schedule:
December 7, 2012 Call for abstracts, papers, presentations, or designs and biographies
January 31, 2013 Final date for the submissions of abstracts
February 8, 2013 Notification of paper/proposal review results
February 28, 2013 Bibliography, images with credits, and a/v equipment requirements deadline
April 26-27, 2013 Conference presentations

Should you have further questions about the submittal process or on the conference and participation from the landscape architecture community, please do not hesitate to contact Tara Culham, Executive Director by email at admin@bcsla.org or Jessica Tan, Administrative Assistant at conference@bcsla.org or by phone at  604.682.5610 or toll free (Canada and US) at 855.682.5610.

Online course on Climate Change and Flexible Master’s degree at the University of Copenhagen

Do you want to further your education on climate change and receive teaching from international experts within the field, including three co-authors of reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)?

Would you like the flexibility of an online course, which builds on proven pedagogical methods, that ensures a high learning outcome?

Then the 15 ECTS MSc online course Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation (CCIAM) offered by the University of Copenhagen in collaboration with Oxford University, University of Essex, Australian National University and the Danish Meteorological Institute is exactly what you are looking for!

The CCIAM course is based on 15 E-learning modules with weekly deadlines as well as submission of individual assignments and group assignments. The course starts with two introduction days in Copenhagen on the 7th and 8th of February 2013 (it is possible to attend via webcam) and ends on the 21st of June 2013.

The course can be followed by everyone with a BSc or MSc degree. The tuition fee for continuing education students is 5.850 DKK for EU citizens (corresponds to approximately 790 euros) and 19.950 DKK for non-EU citizens (corresponds to approximately 2.690 euros).

The application deadline is the 7th of January 2013, but since the available spots are limited and the course is very popular, you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

If you would like to apply for the online course Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation in Block 3+4 (Course number: LNAK10069) as a continuing education student please fill out, print and scan the application form at: http://www.science.ku.dk/english/courses-and-programmes/forms/Application_bsc_msc_courses.pdf/ and send it via e-mail to efteruddannelse@life.ku.dk (CC to cbh@life.ku.dk and jevgeniy@life.ku.dk).

If you are interested you may combine the Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation course with our other online course Environmental Management in Europe (www.environmental-management.dk), our 10 week on-campus course Climate Solutions (www.climate-solutions.dk) and a Master’s project to obtain a Flexible Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Climate Change at the University of Copenhagen.

More information about the course and the Flexible Master can be found at www.climate-change.dk and by contacting the course leader at cbh@life.ku.dk or the daily coordinator at jevgeniy@life.ku.dk.


Observatorio del Paisaje de Cataluña apoya la Iniciativa Latinoamericana del Paisaje

El Observatorio del Paisaje de Cataluña informa que ha ampliado su web con un nuevo apartado llamado: “Documentos de referencia en paisaje” donde, tal y como su nombre indica, se han seleccionado los principales documentos de referencia en materia de paisaje elaborados e impulsados por instituciones de todo el mundo. Uno de los textos seleccionados ha sido “La iniciativa latinoamericana del paisaje”.