Ukrainian Landscape Forum “Landscape Architecture and Modernity” 2013


The Guild of Landscape Architects of Ukraine welcomes landscape professionals to a specialized Forum devoted to problems and perspectives that landscape architecture faces in the modern world. The event will be held on March 21-23 in Lviv city which is an important cultural and historical centre of Ukraine. The Forum will be hosted by National Forestry University.
A special guest Doctor of the Malaysian Institute of Landscape Architecture Nor Atiah binti Ismail is going to deliver her speech during the meeting.


The program includes:

March, 21
Participants registration 9.00
Set of lectures (beginning at 10.00)

Lecture? will cover the following topics:
• «Landscape urbanistics – call of the times”
• «Vicennial experience in training ukrainian landscape architects»
• “Social adaptation of landscape projects to the public»
• «Restoration of historic sites»
• «Reconstruction of Kachanovka estate»
• «Work with parks which became garden art memorials in terms of the Law»
• «Project of a park for children with disabilities»
• «Playing areas for children with disabilities (design and facilities)»

March, 22
Set of lectures

• «Scenario approach to designing a modern garden»
• «Transplanting large trees with unprepared root system: harvesting, planting, care»
• « Laws on landscape»
• «Experience of PARK (ing) Day in Moscow»
• «Exhibition as an effective business tool in landscape design»
• «Plants protection»
• «Lawns and Fertilizers»
• Social responsibility – the project “Green Ukraine for children»
Both lecture days will include two coffee breaks and a dinner.

For more detailed information contact Olesia Shevchenko (external communication specialist of the Guild of Landscape Architects of Ukraine)
Mobile: +38 063 154 24 06