Prix d’Excellence Cecobois, Troisième édition

L’Association des architectes paysagistes du Québec tient à souligner que les équipes de Projet Paysage et de Trame, architecture + paysage, des bureaux reconnus de l’AAPQ, viennent de remporter un Prix d’Excellence de Cecobois, un organisme dont la mission est de promouvoir et de faciliter l’usage accru du bois en construction multifamiliale et non résidentielle au Québec.
Dans la catégorie Bâtiment institutionnel de moins de 1 000 m2 + conception des détails architecturaux, l’équipe de Projet paysage fait parti du nombre de professionnels de l’aménagement s’étant vu remettre un prix d’excellence avec le projet de Bâtiment d’accueil du Parc National du Lac-Témiscouata.
Quant à l’équipe de Trame, architecture + paysage, elle fait partie des professionnels ayant reçu une mention pour le projet d’Agrandissement du campus de Rouyn-Noranda de l’UQAT.
Les critères de sélection des projets étaient le respect des besoins et des contraintes du client, la qualité du projet dans son ensemble, la qualité de l’exécution, la conception intégrée et la prise en compte des concepts de développement durable. 
Bravo aux deux équipes!
Informations : Katerine Boisclair, (514) 990-7731

Rio de Janeiro CityVision Competition

Rio de Janeiro CityVision Competition is the fifth international ideas competition launched by CityVision and it’s part of the annual programme Sick & Wonder recently published on the issue 8 of homonymous magazine.

The purpose of the competition is to provide a vision on Rio de Janeiro’s future.

We live in a particular period, made so ​​by a broader vision of history itself, for which “the sums don’t add up” and the meaning of “time” has lost its positive and progressive meaning, giving way to a “contemporary time” in which present, past and future (or rather our visions of it) seem to coexist.

Reality is now compromised by the crisis and bad taste has prevailed thanks to the habituation of citizens to “that condition where human beings seek in every way to hold on to their humanity thus absorbing the effects of increasingly harrowing struggles between good and evil “made possible by the institutionalization of behavior, to which we have been used (read: tamed).

So in formulating their planning hypothesis it will be necessary to analyze the city and grasp the essence of its disgust, to then subvert it all through the wonder, that is “a view diametrically opposite to that which until now has been the custom of things for us”

The Rio de Janeiro ideas will be judged by an international jury which will have as president of the jury Aleandro Zaera-Polo and again Jeffrey Inaba, Jeroen Koolhaas, Hernan Diaz Alonso,  Pedro Rivera and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia.

Rio de Janeiro CityVision Competition will be judged in June and the award ceremony will take place in October. 

Grand total prize of 4.000 Euro.

Fun Family Garden Project

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We’re always looking out for fun family garden  projects — last season we wrote about a fun Fall project centered on planting bulbs for Spring.  Now you and your whole family can start your herb and vegetable garden indoors!  Yes, starting cool season seeds indoors is a great project for the whole family.  Cool season herbs and vegetables can be started from seeds indoors over the next two weeks for plantig outside in April.  Each member of the family can be in charge of two or three vegetables/herbs each, with an assigned space in the yard.  Seeds you can grow indoors right now include lettuce, celeriac, spinach, arugula, endive, onions and leeks.  A second project for next month can include planting peas, radishes, and carrots, which should be sown directly into the soil in mid-to-late March.



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Curb Appeal in a Day – My House!

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Containers Create Curb Appeal

An easy way to create effective curb appeal is to frame an entry to your home. A couple of containers dropped into the right spot will not only add a welcome addition of color, but all eyes will be drawn to your new focal point. It’s a simple way to make a great change the front of your home. The bonus? It’s a project that can be completed in a single afternoon.

Find a container that makes a dramatic statement. And think about what colors will have the greatest impact without taking away from your existing landscape — you want your new containers to blend in. I added two over-sized containers, below, to my front landscape, and I change the flowers and plants as often as the spirit moves me.

This month at my own home I’ve added purple and Lavendar ‘Wave’ Petunias with Ipomea ‘Blackie’…

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