The historiography of landscape design and management:Why is the profession so disengaged?

 International Conference to be held at the University of Sheffield
Friday 20th and Saturday 21st September 2013

Programme: Friday 20th September 2013

9.15: Introduction, Jan Woudstra, Reader in Landscape History and Theory, University of Sheffield

9.30: ‘Why do we write history?’ Phil Withington, Professor of Early Modern History, University of Sheffield

10.00: ‘The need for a past’, David Jacques, Author and consultant on garden history and conservation

10.45:              Coffee

11.15: ‘The history of landscape architectural history’, Brent Elliott, Historian to the Royal Horticultural Society

12.00: ‘Issues of history in landscape practice’, Dominic Cole, Chairman Garden History Society & Director Dominic Cole Landscape Architects

 12.30: ‘Landscape history methodologies’, Tom Williamson, Professor of History, University of East Anglia

13.15:             Lunch

14.15: ‘Cases and interpretations rather than laws and instances’ , Peter Blundell Jones, Professor of Architecture, University of Sheffield

15.00: ‘The role of the past (written and unwritten) traditions in contemporary landscape design practice’, Raffaella Fabiano Gianetto, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

15.45:              Tea

16.00: ‘Poetry, painting and the Chinese garden: time-space interaction and transition as a way to explore design methodologies’, Binyi Liu, Professor and Chairman of Department of Landscape Studies, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

16.45               Summary and discussion

Programme: Saturday 21st September 2013

9.30: ‘Why is there a renewed interest in history (of the profession): how might history be used by/ help the profession?’, Jenifer White, Senior Landscape Advisor at English Heritage

10.00: ‘The Landscape Institute (UK) Archival Collection: making history accessible to professionals and academics’, Penny Beckett, Chair of Heritage Asset Working Group, Landscape Institute, GB

10.30:              Coffee

11.00: ‘LArchiv: spreading the findings of landscape history in Austria‘, Ulrike Krippner, Research Assistant Institute of Landscape Architecture, ILA, BOKU Vienna and Lilli Lička, Head of Institute of Landscape Architecture / BOKU, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

11.30: ‘The significance of history to the Portuguese landscape profession; strategies in communication’, Ana Catarina Antunes and Teresa Ferreira, Landscape Architects

12.00               Final comments
12.30:              Lunch

13:30: Trip to Wentworth Castle, meeting Estate Manager Mike Klemperer

Conference Registration

Registration for this conference is now open.

Fees are £50 for this two-day event, which includes participation in the above programme, lunches and teas.

It also includes a coach trip to Wentworth Castle, which by the time of our visit should see the completion of a major conservation scheme.

To register, please go to: