Los Padres National Forest Job Vacancy GS-401/807-13 Supervisory Natural Resource Spec/Landscape Architect

The Los Padres National Forest is planning to fill a permanent, full-time Supervisory Natural Resource Spec/Landscape Architect  GS-401/807-12/13 with a duty station at the Supervisors Office in Goleta, CA.  This position supervises up to eleven staff employees in the  Heritage, Recreation, Engineering  and Lands programs. 

The purpose of this Outreach Notice is to determine the potential applicant pool for this position.  Individuals stating interest in this position will be notified when the vacancy announcement is posted on USAJOBS.
If you are interested in this opportunity and/or plan on applying to the vacancy when it is announced, please let us know by returning the attached Notice of Outreach Interest form, by no later than 07/10/2013. If you want more information please contact Ken Heffner, Deputy Forest Supervisor, Los Padres National Forest at kheffner01@fs.fed.us.