Paris: reclaiming the city for cyclists & pedestrians

The Urban Observer

With a variety of traffic calming measures and bicycle promotion, Paris is quickly becoming a cycle city – although this takes time, so one needs to exercise some caution concerning where you bike (trust me)! 🙂 Still, with its famous Velib bike-sharing (and car-sharing) systems, great parks, public spaces and expanded bicycle lanes; the bicycle is an obvious choice. In addition to its cycling infrastructure, a “re-conquest” of pedestrian spaces is also underway on the banks of the River Seine. One kilometre of the road will be narrowed, to make way for pedestrian corridors, garden spaces as well as riverside bars and cafes.  An additional 2.5 kilometres will be deemed a “car-free zone” – first in a trial phase, and then long-term. While motorists have complained, the city has a lot to gain from this. In the place of a motor-vehicle way, Paris will construct parks, floating botanical gardens, sport courts…

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