People power: A design for digital cities

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people power

The shape of cities and how they influence our behaviour is no longer just the concern of planners, architects, urban designers and politicians. Through the Dublinked open data network, the Studio have met designers, technologists, hacktivists, researchers and entrepreneurs who are all exploring how the urban environment is going to change in coming years. They are using Dublin as a test ground to develop new products and services using live city data.

Dublin is a good ‘prototype’ city.  It is big enough to have complex city systems that can be scaled internationally but small enough that ‘everyone knows everyone else’ so that big city problems – environmental, social and economic – become local and can be solved.  The hacker ethos of remaking the city from the ground up can bring fresh perspectives from outside the city planning system.

Digital technologies and social media are making it easier to engage with…

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