Responsible Tourism Project Report: Tree Planting with Jadav Payeng in Assam

The Northeast India Travel Blog

Little more than a year back, we’d enthusiastically begunour first responsible tourism project – a fundraiser meant to assist the forest man of India – Jadav Payeng, in his quest to grow more trees in the Brahmaputra Valley. With this post today, Greener Pastures is proud to announce that the fundraiser has been successful.

It happened two weeks back, when I and Cardo, a senior tour leader, went to meet Jadav and hand him over the funds. Accompanying us was Bijit Dutta, a friend of Jadav whom I had contacted through his blog to help us get to the forest man. The journey took us deep into the heart of Assam, until a dusty path meant for bull carts, miles away from the nearest road, lead us to the house of Jadav Payeng. Located in Kokilabari Village of the Mishing Tribe, his home is simple – made…

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