The Rijksmuseum’s New Outdoor Gallery


After more than ten years of work, the restored and revitalized Rijksmuseum, the Netherland’s national museum, reopened in April. Spanish architecture firm Cruz y Ortiz brought the 19th-century building into the 21-st century with a new entrance and Asian pavilion, restored galleries, and thousands of energy-efficient LED lights. While this $375 million-Euro effort rightly got a lot of attention in the architecture press, the thoughtful update to the 14,500-square-meter outdoor gallery by Dutch landscape architecture firm Copijn Tuin- en Landschapsarchitecten didn’t.

A new outdoor exhibition of sculptures by Henry Moore may help remedy that because the sculptures show that the updated landscape is just as sumptuous as the restored building.

Just as the architects modernized but honored the original building, Copijn seems to have done the same with architect Peter Cuypers’ original plans for the gardens from 1901. Copijn tells us that they did a contemporary refresh of Cuypers’ old…

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Radheshyam Goenka- forest man of Assam.

BGT Travelography

Mr. Radheshyam Goenka of  Dibrugarh spreading ‘Green Love’ for last 15years. Another ‘FOREST MAN OF ASSAM’, he planted over 20,000 ‘KRISHNACHURA’ tree (Delonix regia) in Dibrugarh City.
Goenka, Dibrugarh’s very own Sundarlal Bahugana, is aiming to personally plant at least 20,000 trees in and around the town. Unlike many others, his duty does not end in planting saplings at public places; he nurtures the saplings till they are fit to survive the pollution that has engulfed this once verdant town on the bank of the Brahmaputra.
‘Please plant a tree,’ pleaded the businessman to all on the eve of World Environment Day. ‘People can fix days like the birthdays of their children, their marriage anniversaries or even the death anniversaries of their dear ones to plant trees. That way, they will find the impetus to take care of the sapling as it will remind them of those days,’ he said.

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