Cities for People

Specialfeature4In the next few weeks Gehl Architects’ Public Space Public Life study of Moscowwhich focuses on the central districts of Moscow City will be made public. As a lead-up to this release we will issue a series of special reports with the aim to incite dialogue around the challenges and opportunities facing the public realm in Moscow. 


People come first in modern cities

An increasing number of vibrant metropolises have adopted people first policies as city
planning strategy. Livability has become a criterion in which cities around the world compete.
London, Paris, New York — and now Moscow — have realized that
vivid public spaces define
a city more than anything else

Edited and curated by Stine Behrendtzen, journalist
Facts and findings are based on Gehl Architect’s report
‘Moscow — Towards a great city for people’


When studying the world’s hottest and highest ranked cities, it…

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