WAM Awards – Call for Entries – Deadline July 31


Successful landscape architecture demonstrates sensitivity towards the inherent characteristics of the site and sympathy towards the expectations of the community. A new category to our programme, the WAN Landscape Award 2013 recognizes projects that balance these technical objectives with creative flair, whether in urban design, recreation planning or environmental restoration. From large-scale infrastructure works through to smaller, more detailed projects, we’re searching for designs – either realised or unbuilt – that create distinct spaces and reinvigorate them with new possibilities.

A panel of judges will be on-hand to assess the entries, each of whom has been selected for their experience of and expertise in landscape architecture. Winners will not only benefit from the prestige of receiving such an award, they’ll also gain considerable exposure to our global community of industry players – which can lead to significant business opportunities.

The closing date for receipt of entries is 31 August 2013. But if you register before 31 July 2013 you can take advantage of an impressive 15% off. So, if you’ve created a meaningful, engaging space that has enriched the human experience, submit it today and start getting the recognition your work deserves.

For further information about our awards and details on how to enter, contact Jim Davis on jim.davis@wantoday.com or call +44 (0)1273 201 110.


Image: Houtan Park, Shanghai, China by Turenscape © Turenscape (WAN shortlist 2012)

Never Modern / A Review Copy

An exploration of the role of narrative, history, appropriation and craft in the work of London based 6a Architects.

Never Modern
Irenée Scalbert and 6a Architects
Text in English only
176 pages, 41 color and 23 b/w illustrations
14 x 20 cm
ISBN 978-3-906027-24-1
CHF 28.00 / Euro 24.00

Recent projects by 6a Architects include South London Gallery, Raven Row, and the new fashion galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum. This books explores the thinking and the architectural approach of their works. It examines the unique approach of the members of 6a, wherein they avoid style and signature in favour of a pre-modern sense of metis, or “flair, wisdom, forethought, subtlety of mind, deception, resourcefulness, vigilance, opportunism, varied skills, and experience.” This analysis is accompanied by a striking visual essay of archival photographs, artworks, film stills, and recent projects by the firm. In the end, the book reveals that like contemporary society in general, the architecture of 6a Architects is fundamentally a work of bricolage, creating art composed of various objects on hand and drawing from history and the everyday to create something new and vital.

The available images can be ordered on Park Books website



Celebrating Indigenous Peoples

The Northeast India Travel Blog

It has been exciting times. The United Nations’ International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is coming up next month, and we have been engaging with three very thoughtful online campaigns/events meant for indigenous peoples. Based in a land of tribes, it is very inspiring for us to see people across the world uniting and choosing to understand that the lifestyles of indigenous peoples are precious, and in many ways, more sustainable. So to celebrate this year’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, play a part and participate in these events.

1. Indigenous Peoples Week (Aug 5-11, 2013): In its 3rd year now, it is an unconference which takes places everywhere at once, and is hosted by Planeta.com, a pioneering website about eco-friendly travel curated by Ron Mader. The theme of the event is social web storytelling about indigenous peoples and tourism around the world. Which means there…

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