The Konyak People of Nagaland | Celebrating Indigenous Peoples

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“The Konyak performs no rites or ceremonies till the sowing begins. He realizes that the cutting of the jungle and the proper clearing of the fields depends only on the efficiency of man. Why should he trouble the Gods? But when the seed is entrusted to the earth, where hundreds of dangers may threaten the crops, the Konyak turns to the Gods and solicits protection with offerings and prayers” writes Haimendorf in The Naked Nagas.

The word ‘Konyak’ is derived from ‘Kaonyak which means ‘blackhead’ or ‘human’. Situated in eastern Nagaland in northeastern India, the land of the Konyak is a mountainous region rich with forests and with temperate climate. The Konyaks like to live in mountain tops, maybe because of the hot days. There is no written record of their history and scholars depend mostly on myths and legends. The widespread belief is that the ancestors came…

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