Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (August 1–15)


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24 Surprising Plant CombosSunset Magazine, August 2013
“Floral fireworks: Landscape architect Jarrod Baumann practically skips down the steps of the sprawling hillside garden, pointing out a vibrant mix of flowers near the pool. ‘That’s our little nursery,’ he says. The plants are extras, parked here until he dreams up a home for them elsewhere on the grounds. Baumann looks every bit the young artist—an apt comparison.”

Rumble in the Urban JungleArchitectural Record, August 2013
“It’s hard to keep up with the musical deck chairs in the disciplines these days. The boundaries of architecture, city planning, urban design, landscape architecture, sustainability, computation, and other fields are shifting like crazy, and one result is endless hybridization–green urbanism begets landscape urbanism, which begets…

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