Designing the July 22 Memorials



Artists and architects are invited to an international open call for two national public art memorial sites to commemorate the 2011 terror attacks in Oslo and on the island of Utøya.

The open call to a first pre-qualification stage, leading to a closed competition between up to 8 artists, designers, architects, landscape architects and interdisciplinary collaborative teams closes on September 1, 2013.

Following the terror attacks of July 22 2011 – the bombing in Oslo and the massacre on Utøya Island – which resulted in the death of 77 people and the injury of a further 158, the Norwegian Government launched an open competition to design two memorials.

These are to be established in the Government Quarter in Oslo and one on the land facing the island of Utøya in the municipality of Hole. The memorials will commemorate the victims, survivors, emergency service personnel and volunteers caught up in the attack.

A memorial in Hole and a temporary memorial in Oslo – until the Government Quarter, where the bombing took place, is redeveloped – will initially be constructed. The Oslo memorial will then be replaced by a permanent memorial in due course. These works will all be commissioned by the successful candidate.

The Oslo memorial is required be considerate of its place in the public sphere. The names of all those killed in both attacks will be set out at the Oslo memorial. The names of those killed on Utøya will be set out at the memorial site in Hole. The successful design must also show that these two memorials are related.

Jørn Mortensen, Head of Arts Committee / Public Arts Agency Koro, explains: “We are looking for ideas from everyone from visual artists, architects, sculptors, and landscape architects, from anywhere in the world, to produce memorial sites of relevance for the victims’ families and the Norwegian public as a whole.”

The Art Selection Committee – a group of Norwegian representatives including those from KORO (Public Art Norway) and the Labour Party’s Youth Association – has stressed the participatory aspect of the project and have conducted a survey this spring which asked the Norwegian people what words they would like to see reflected in the memorial sites. The findings of this survey are part of the information provided to the competition participants.

Deadline pre-qualification stage: September 1, 2013. 
Eight shortlisted candidates announced: September 20, 2013.
Winner announced: February 15, 2014.
The memorial in Hole and the temporary memorial in Oslo should be completed by 22 July 2015, at the latest.

The date of completion for the permanent memorial in Oslo will be determined by the redevelopment of the Government Quarter.

Budget: Five million Norwegian Kroner (NOK) for the memorial site in Hole Council.  Ten million NOK for the permanent memorial site in the Government Quarter in Oslo. Two million NOK for the temporary project. 

The fee for participating in the closed competition is 100.000 NOK.

For further information (available in Norwegian, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese), submission requirements and competition regulations for download, please see

Public Art Norway (KORO)
KORO is the government’s specialized body for art in public buildings and environments, whose mission is to organize and encourage the integration of art as an essential part of public buildings and spaces.

Through art production, art dissemination, arts administration and as a resource center, KORO seeks to stimulate increased interest in art in public spaces. KORO strives to participate in the development of international networks within the professional field.


International workshops on Land Use, Housing and Urban Policy Reform

International workshops on Land Use, Housing and Urban Policy Reform

23-25 October 2013, Cleveland, OH, USA

On the occasion of its 2013 National Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, NAHRO and INTA will jointly organise a series of international workshops aimed at bringing forth a debate on public housing policy as leverage for urban regeneration.

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UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013 (19-20 Sep, New York)

INVITATION ONLY – Held every three years, the Leaders Summit is the premier UN-business event – bringing together chief executives with leaders from civil society, Government and the United Nations. Chaired by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the Leaders Summit – Architects of a Better World – will link the enduring, universal values of the United Nations with a new global architecture for corporate sustainability. As the Millennium Development Goals 2015 deadline approaches, the Summit will set the stage for business to shape and advance the post-2015 development agenda – putting forward an architecture for business to contribute to global priorities at unprecedented levels. .

For information and to register, please visit the Leaders Summit website or email

How mayor Bloomberg changed the face of New York

the Human City Project

With New York’s mayor Bloomberg’s office coming to an end, the New York Times has an amazing animated page displaying the changes that NYC underwent during his governance. It shows how one third of the city has been re-zoned, where new bike lanes were introduced, where new constructions have been built. It’s all illustrated with a 3D rendering of the city and select photographs that compare pre-Bloomberg NYC with it’s current state.

Bloomberg’s changes have not been met without criticism, and one can see from the changes made that the city he left is not the same as it was when he took to office.

See this amazing piece over at:

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