The Human Scale – a film about human needs in cities

the Human City Project

The film is based around the work of Danish architect Jan Gehl, who has been studying human behavior in cities for the past 40 years. The documentary focuses on the human scale, how it was lost in modernist city planning, and how planners can work towards more livable cities for the future.

Catching the film itself will be pretty hard, unless you’re living in NYC or LA, but you can catch some clips on the website as well as the trailer to get a taste.


The Human Scale film website

Current screenings:

Premiere Nov. 8 2013 (the Bloor Cinema)
Premiere in NYC October 18, 2013 (The IFC Film Center)
Premiere in LA November 1, 2013 (Laemmle’s NoHo 7)
Premiere in Santa Fe November 1, 2013

update: you can watch it here

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