Course of restoration of Historic Parks and Gardens

Notice is hereby given that ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome, School of Specialization in Architectural Heritage and Landscape for the study and restoration of monuments, activated for the academic year 2013-2014 a COURSE OF RESTORATION OF HISTORIC PARKS AND GARDENS. This course is alternative but legally equivalent to the traditional course of restoration of monuments (Architectural Heritage and Landscape).

The cultural void and the delay presently existing in Italy in the field of restoration of historic gardens, as opposed to a general European and world situation, gave rise to the idea of setting up a research and dissemination activity; actually, in Italy, historic gardens, both public and private, are neglected or have improper or even dangerous restorations. The awakening of interest in the art of gardens that occurred in Italy since the 80’ of the last century (Carta del Restauro dei giardini storici di Firenze) was not enough to fill the gap, since the initiatives that followed, although in several cases have been of a certain value, have had a different character from that proposed in the present course, since they were focused on the training of a labor or on the modern garden design, neglecting the historical garden theme and its restoration at a professional level. Therefore, considering the large and quality Italian heritage of historic parks and gardens to be protected, the above mentioned cultural void, recognized abroad as in Italy, appears today absolutely serious.

The course has a theoretical and practical character. For this reason specific programs combining past and present, theory and praxis have been developed, thanks to a preliminary work of analysis and synthesis for each disciplines, and then developing a kind of teaching where learning passes through the experience.

The project of restoration of an historic garden will be learn by the student not only through classroom lessons, but also through direct experience, expounding questions, and trying, with the help of teachers, the answers to many problems that will occur along the course. The teaching does not take place by means of seminars (to be used only for specific objectives), but through lectures (theoretical and practical), based on a predetermined schedule.

The structural form and the didactics of the course is therefore carefully planned, but the content and the didactic substance are such to safeguard the freedom of the creative and critical faculties of the students in the relationship between the knowledge and the choices for the restoration plan.

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