The Water and Sea Workshops

The Planetworkshops are pleased to invite you to participate in The Water and Sea Workshops, International Forum for a Sustainable Development, that we organize in Barcelona on October 10th 2013, with the official support of the Government of Catalunya, the General Council of Catalunya and the Barcelona City Hall.

This international conference will gather in Barcelona the main decision-makers and actors involved in the preservation of water and marine resources, the definition of a new international governance for water and oceans, and a responsible use of these resources.

This first edition of The Water and Sea Workshops will be held within the Drassanes Reials (Royal Dockyards, Maritime Museum of Barcelona) on October 10th 2013, around the theme : “Water without borders : utopia or reality?

In an approach of co-construction, governments, local and regional authorities, companies and civil society must think together the emergence of a new society: a “Blue society” based on a “blue economy”, promoting a sustainable and shared use of continental freshwater and the oceans’ richness. The role of the Water and Sea workshops is to federate, within different fields, all the actors involved around issues related to water resources management, marine ecosystems preservation and the deployment of the huge potential of the seas and oceans in order to promote innovative solutions which could allow the speeding up of the diplomatic process and most of all to foster the access to drinkable water for everyone.

We will be welcoming around 400 personalities from around the world in Barcelona on next week, renewing the approach that has made the success of the Global Conference during the last 7 years: a friendly and open place for thinking on sustainable development challenges, a bridge between different actors with various backgrounds and functions, a place for highlighting good practices and concrete innovative solutions.

In this prospect, The Water and Sea Workshops wish to suggest new concrete solutions to favor access for all to water and to reveal the gigantic potential of the seas and oceans, in order to go towards a new society, the “Blue Society”.

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We really hope to welcome you at the Water and Sea Workshops in Barcelona.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

The Planetworkshops’ team