IFLA Europe Invitation to tender for web-design and maintenance services

European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architects
IFLA Europe
Invitation to tender for web-design and maintenance services

Introduction and contact details

1.1.          Your organisation is invited to submit a tender for web-design and maintenance services to the European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (hereafter IFLA Europe). Please note, that throughout this document, “organisation” is taken to include sole traders.

1.2.          The deadline for submission of tenders is 12 noon (Belgium time), Tuesday 28th October 2013.

1.3.          The information and instructions provided in this Invitation to Tender are designed to ensure that all tenders are given equal and fair consideration.

1.4.          If you have any queries relating to tender documentation, or would like to request further information, please contact the persons named below, via email. Only electronic queries will be answered and no later than 5 days before the deadline for tender submission.

1.5.          You should note that any issues raised, which are not commercially confidential, will be shared with other Tenders.

1.6.          Contact for this Tender:

Name: Christine Bavassa, Marina Cervera and Bruno Marques

Address: Avenue Louise 149/24, 12th Floor, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

Telephone Number: +32 497 630 550

 Email: ifla_europe@skynet.be

All requests for clarification or further information in respect of this tender should be addressed to the named contact point. No approach of any kind in connection with this tender should be made to any other person within, or associated with, the European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA Europe).

FULL DOCUMENT AT http://issuu.com/ifla_publications/docs/ifla_europe_tender_for_website


International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) RFP for website upgrade


1.  Introduction

Following is a brief summary of the key issues related to this RFP.

  • IFLA is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to the profession of Landscape Architecture throughout the World. There are four subdivisions of this organization based on geographic location: Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa-Mid East and Europe. Information about our organization can be found on our current website http://www.iflaonline.org/
  • Our existing website was developed in 2009 within the Joomla system.
  • Recently, unknown hackers invaded our website and partially damaged it. Re-uploaded backup of the website has been hacked again on several occasions. To prevent further hacking into our website, host of this website blocked its all editing capabilities. It is currently only partially functional with no possibilities for any updates and revisions.
  • IFLA is in urgent need for redeveloping this website with the latest and safer technologies (i.e. new Drupal 8 or alternative).
  • The new, improved website shall be easy for navigating, visually attractive and reflecting the profile of our organization.
  • IFLA has developed a set of graphic standards for the use of IFLA logo (see attached at the end of the RFP). This standard has to be followed by the winning proponent.
  • The content of the new website shall include all current content of the IFLA existing website (backup of the existing website in Joomla will be available to the winning proponent).
  • Proponent may also suggest additional website upgrades that are not described in this RFP.
  • Majority of the IFLA website is intended to be publicly accessible.
  • A small portion of the website is to be designated for “Restricted Access Only”. This portion is intended to function similarly to an FTP site, where selected personnel will be able to pickup or drop-off various files. This area will require a password protection and a possibility for easy maintenance and administration (i.e. changing the password, etc.)
  • The currently allocated budget for the IFLA website upgrades is €10,000 (including all taxes and associated costs)
  • The proponent may also include a proposal for additional (above the €10,000) services, clearly indicating the additional cost and the benefits of the proposed services to this project.
  • This proposal shall also include an allowance (valued at up to € 500 per year) for a periodic maintenance and technical support to the IFLA staff, allowing for our staff to make upgrades and changes to the website content.
  • The proponent is to provide a comprehensive, detailed description of the proposed services, methodology and deliverables allowing IFLA to select the proposition with the optimal improvements to our website within the allocated funds.
  • It is the IFLA intention to award the project or a portion of the project on Friday November 8th, 2013. Start of the project (design process for the IFLA website) is intended to commence within max. 7 days after the awarding (or sooner). allowing for the design and building of the website commencing in November 2013.
  • The completion of the entire website redevelopment and launching of it is intended for February 28, 2014

FULL DOCUMENT AT http://issuu.com/ifla_publications/docs/131010_ifla_rfp_website_enhancement

Drowning in Data

Cities for People

These days we are burning the midnight oil in order to finalise an analytical report about the capital of Norway: Oslo. This particular report has been on its way for about a year, but the Oslo/Gehl relationship was established 26 years ago when Jan Gehl, in collaboration with Karin Bergdahl, made the first Gehl’ish-survey of Oslo for the Norwegian Institute of City Development (IN’BY). In the true spirit of the office, the 2013 report builds upon the same clear principles of observation, as were applied in 1987; there are pedestrian counts and well-documented observational studies of stationary activities from both a weekday (Tuesday) and a weekend (Saturday). The data-collection and comparative ability of the data is crucial. Yet, as the footman that has to type-in, organise and keep track of these numbers, I would like to register a personal note of observation: It seems that the complexity of city-analysis…

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Manufactured Landscapes: A meditation on man-made spaces


I don’t recall where I first came across the work of Edward Burtynsky; it could have been at the library, the bookstore, or one of those coffee shops with actual coffee table books. All I remember was being drawn to the front cover image of his collection of photographs, to the intense fluorescent shock of orange lava snaking through charred lands: A beautiful and awesome volcanic landscape. Only when I read the title, half immersed in the river’s glow, did I realize something was amiss.

Manufactured Landscapes. As I flipped through the book, the beauty that I saw and the awe that I held for the landscape fell away, replaced by a swell of alarm and disbelief. The river wasn’t lava, the setting wasn’t volcanic, and nature had nothing to do with the creation of this particular landscape.

One of the most powerful things art can do is challenge us to examine…

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