‘How to study Public Life’ now available in English!

Cities for People


We are very pleased to announce that Jan Gehl and Birgitte Svarre from the Gehl team, have written a new book to follow on Jan’s successful books Cities for People and Life Between Buildings!

At the heart of the best urban design projects, is a deep understanding of how people live—on that block, in that neighborhood, in that city, in that region. But life is unpredictable, complex, and ephemeral, so how do we learn to understand it?

How to Study Public Life offers an engaging and helpful history and guide to this still-developing field. The book details the ideas and techniques that have defined the field, ranging in topics from how to time walking speeds, to why Jane Jacobs is so such an important figure. The book also addresses the opportunities and challenges offered by technology, bringing the field from its historical origins to its developing future.

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