Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (October 1 – 15)


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The Nuanced ApproachThe Architect’s Newspaper, 10/1/13
“In On The Water: Palisade Bay, for example, pioneering research by structural engineer Guy Nordenson, with Catherine Seavitt, a landscape architect, and Adam Yarinsky, an architect, allowed the team to propose coastal planning strategies in the New York/New Jersey harbor that hybridized land and sea, hard and soft.”

Art in the ParkRecreation Management, October 2013 Issue
“But RDG—and many other landscape architects working today—takes a different view. RDG has an in-house art studio, and they try to integrate art into their projects, rather than just placing it in a public spot.”

A Gorgeous Map of San Francisco, Stripped Of All the UrbanismFast Company, 10/9/13
“For all of its natural beauty…

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