Abstract Landscapes: Drawing with Lluís Viu Rebés


“When was the last time you spent two hours sitting still and looking at something? Really looking,” said Lluís Viu Rebés, principal at Max de Cusa Arquitects, at a workshop for design students at the University of Virginia School of Architecture. The workshop was an exercise in the practice of learning through close observation. “If you can draw it, you’re seeing it. If you’re seeing it, you’re thinking about it. Our goal today is to reveal the hidden language of things.”

Viu Rebés is perhaps most well known for his role in the design of the Yokohama International Port Terminal by Foreign Office Architects (FOA), a design heralded for blurring the boundary between landscape and structure (see image above). He’s a practicing architect and editor in chief of the Andorran boutique architectural publishing house Editorial Andorra.

Viu Rebés descibes himself as a person who cooks, fishes, and runs…

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