Tipaimukh Dam | A Threat To Nature And Native Culture

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Dams have remained as a major instrument in the path of economic development and prosperity for a country and have been integral in bringing nations closer to each other. It has also played its role in creating mutual suspicions, mistrust and misunderstandings between nations as well as the government and its people. Dams help people in various ways such as water to drink, water for industry, water for agricultural purposes, water for hydroelectric power generation and reducing or preventing floods. These generally signify the advent of modern science. However, mega structures such as big dams cannot be built without first researching on their effects to local culture and livelihood and in nature.

The Tipaimukh Dam in the state of Manipur near to Assam, is similarly a dam that has been in the eye of controversy from its very beginning. The main purpose of constructing the Tipaimukh Dam has been…

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