LOJA Manifesto


We, the Americas Regional Council of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), meeting in Loja, supported by the attendees to IFLA Regional Conference in Guayaquil, Ecuador, we state that Landscape Architecture is a profession recognized worldwide, as independent from other professions, on account of its own, unique and different characteristics which is practiced by Landscape Architects, who are the qualified experts, specialized, educated and trained for the analysis, conservation, planning, design and production of the landscape.


We make this statement as representatives of IFLA an organization created in 1948 with the objective of ensuring, through education, communication and international promotion: the highest levels of performance in Landscape Architecture.

Sixty-five years later, IFLA is globally recognized and distinguished as the technical forum with broader participation and greater global leadership regarding this discipline

IFLA is a democratic, apolitical and non-governmental, not -for-profit organization and has worked, since its creation in the promotion and recognition of Landscape Architecture as a profession.

Most members of this organization have successfully established such profession in the nations to which they belong or have contributed to its expansion, its recognition and appreciation. However, in some countries the recognition of Landscape Architecture as a profession and Landscape Architects as the suitable professionals to carry it out, lacks of official recognition.

It is precisely to support and encourage the search for such recognition in those countries where this has not happened yet that for the last six decades IFLA has been working on attaining important achievements in conjunction with other international organizations. Such is the case of IFLA collaboration with UNESCO in the development of the appreciation and preservation of the historic urban landscape ( HUL ); the constant work of ICOMOS- IFLA International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes and IFLA ‘s participation as a member of the Habitat Professionals Forum

( HPF ) which is a set of international NGOs who advise and work together with UN – Habitat.

IFLA has signed memoranda of understanding with several global organizations, such as those mentioned above and others, like the International Union of Architects ( UIA ) and the International Society for the planning of the City and Region ( ISOCARP ). Through these agreements the distinctiveness and independence, as well as the authority and reputation of this unique profession that is Landscape Architecture was recognized. The latter, without disregard and working together with all the other professions related to space and the environment.

The International Labor Organization ( ILO) has classified and defined the profession of landscape architecture in its list of professions through the Resolution: ISCO-08 2162 – Title : Landscape Architect.


Given this background and referendums cited and in order to articulate the actions of the various international organizations, we demand full compliance with the respective legislation in each country as well as to give effect to the documents signed and thus honor the work of Landscape Architects from around the world as to acknowledge the uniqueness and independence of Landscape Architecture and its complementary role to other professions related to the management of space, nature, environment and culture.


The IFLA Landscape Latin American Initiative (LALI) seeks to promote the recognition, protection, planning and sustainable management of the landscape, leading to awareness of its diversity and related values in our countries. This, as a result of the synergy arising from civil society, academia, unions, and institutions, who claim for the need to expand the concept of landscape. The latter, as a metaphor of inclusiveness multiplicity and pluralism in the landscape design, biology and planning. For the foregoing reasons LALI, requires and supports the most clear and comprehensive recognition of Landscape Architecture and the Landscape Architects as the professionals responsible for its implementation, under which, adheres signing this manifesto.

Loja, October 29, 2013

IFLA Americas Regional Council
Desiree Martinez Maria Uriarte, President IFLA International
Carlos Jankilevich Vice President IFLA Americas
Diana Ceballos Wiesner, Treasurer IFLA Americas (also acting as Secretary due to Paulo Pellegrino’s absence) 
Ana Luisa Artesi, Delegate from Argentina
Saide Kathouni Delegate from Brazil
Maria Teresa Espinosa of Cellis, Delegate from Bolivia
Moncayo Alexandra Vega, Delegate from Ecuador
Rossana Somaruga, Delegate from Uruguay 
Virginia Laboranti, Observer from Argentina
Lily Mamani Poma, Observer from Bolivia
Gloria Aponte, Observer from Colombia

Latina American Landscape Initiative
Martha Cecilia Fajardo LALI Coordinator

Guayaquil 2013 IFLA Regional Conference

Organizers, Key Note speakers and attendies
by acclamation-