Masterful Gardens

Time and place: November 22, Warsaw, Poland

Programme and speakers: (Polish only)


Speakers are award winning British landscape architects and garden designers, Chelsea Flower Show gold medalist: Kate Gould and Leo Baistow (Kate Gould Gardens), Robert Myers (Robert Myers Associates), Chris Beardshaw and Peter Langton (Hillier Landscapes).

Conference is in English (simultaneous translation to Polish) so anyone can participate.




Three Perspectives on Designing Resilient Cities


Hurricane Sandy has changed the national conversation on climate change. Unlike Hurricane Katrina, which much of the country was happy to pin the blame for on New Orleans itself (“they shouldn’t have built there in the first place!”), Sandy revealed climate change to be a growing threat to nearly all coastal settlements. Formerly abstract warnings of growing inundation risk, stemming from rising sea levels and increasing storm frequency, suddenly became concrete and impossible to ignore. A new found sense of vulnerability descended on coastal cities. In this light, urban design cannot be dismissed as merely a luxury or an aesthetic consideration. The discipline has taken on a new relevance and sense of urgency: cities, particularly in coastal settings, must reconsider their built form in order to adapt to radically altered environmental conditions. Three new books by Island Press approach these issues with renewed sense of the value of the urban…

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