Design Critics Invade Boston


At the 2013 ASLA Annual Meeting in Boston, prominent design critics Christopher Hume, Toronto Star; Steven Litt, The Plain Dealer; Cathleen McGuigan, Architectural Record, and Christopher Hawthorne, The Los Angeles Times discussed their travels through Boston’s controversial Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway and other sites using ASLA’s new Landscape Architect’s Guide to Boston. The critics also critiqued the guide and explored the changing nature of design guidebooks in the digital age.

Long-time Boston Globe architecture critic Robert Campbell asked the critics pointed questions about what they thought about landscape architecture in Boston. He said Boston’s landscapes have been designed since the city’s founding, with filled land. The city’s landscape and its history is then particularly “readable.”

Landscape Architecture Is an Afterthought on the Greenway 

After his day-long walk-a-bout, Hume said the RFK Greenway was a “failure of the city and landscape architecture in general.” The idea of the Big Dig was…

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