Urban interventions in Mar del Plata #2

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Pilot project in Calle Güemes – Phase 1

The first round of pilot project implementations has been carried out in Mar del Plata by the Municipality, and is ready for the busy summer season! The pilot projects have come to life in a close working relationship between Gehl Architects, the Municipality, the citizens and local business owners as well as through numerous surveys and registrations on site in the city – see Urban Interventions in Mar del Plata by Ola Gustafsson for more information and background story.


The pilot project is the first of three and is situated in the busy shopping and leisure street of Calle Güemes. As a first step towards changing the street layout, one block has been implemented in order to test the solution before extending it to eight more blocks. Testing the pilot in one block allows the municipality to measure the effect of the…

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