Resiliency Is About Taking Ownership


In the aftermath of the major hurricane that just hit the Philippines, a panel at the 2013 Greenbuild conference in Philadelphia focused on a theme of major importance for all sustainable design professions: resilience. A panel comprised of Mayor Bob Dixson, Greensburg, Kansas; Maj. Gen. Warren Edwards, USA (Ret.), Community and Regional Resilience Institute; and Jon Powers, White House Council on Environmental Quality, explored how to get more communities to prepare for disaster and recover more quickly.

“We were all homeless after a matter of minutes,” said Mayor Dixson, remembering the supercell tornado that demolished his town, Greensburg, Kansas, in 2007. In these instances, “the most true and resilient thing we have in life is our relationships with each other.” He prompted the crowd to think about their city or town. No matter how small, “you are never in the middle of nowhere; you are in the middle of…

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