VIII:th ICON LA International Conference


VIII:th ICON LA International Conference
10 June‐13 June 2014, St. Petersburg (Russia)

“Restoration, reconstruction and development of cultural, industrial and natural landscapes”

The main objective of this international scientific conference is to raise the attention and awareness among scientists, urban planners, ecologists, professional landscape architects, city administrations and other appropriate stakeholders, about restoration, reconstruction and development of cultural, industrial, post-industrial and natural landscapes.

St. Petersburg is especially known for its tremendous works on restoration and renovation of historic landscapes: parks and gardens and urban fabric.  Global trends touched also industrial areas of the city.  There are quite a few examples of redesigning industrial buildings and creating new industrial parks. The “Venice of the North” is invited as participants to share their vision and experiences in restoration and reconstruction of landscapes.

This year conference suggested a new format with a lot of site visits and unique pre and post conference excursions to Island Valaam with famous restored Monastery.

There will be 3 subthemes during the conference:

  •  Restoration, reconstruction and development of cultural and historical landscapes
  • Restoration, reconstruction and development of industrial and post-industrial landscapes
  • Restoration, reconstruction and development of natural landscapes

Preliminary Programme
(final program will be sent out in March 2014)

10 June 10- Pre-conference tour and international students ECLAS seminar
11 June Conference Day in St. Petersburg: first part of the day-conference opening and presentations; second part-conference excursion
12 June Conference Day in St. Petersburg: first part of the day-conference presentations; second part-conference excursion
13 June Technical excursion in St. Petersburg
14 June Post conference tour to Vallaam Island in Ladoga Lake (optional, special arrangement with a boat can be provided).

Please note: THE COST OF VALAAM TRIP is not included in the conference fee.

The programme will be published on our  site, please visit for more information.

ABSTRACTS: Please visit the conference site for more information.

Call for Abstracts
Participants are invited to submit abstracts related to themes as announced above.

Preparation of Abstracts
Abstracts are required for all presentations, including posters.
The abstract should include three parts (Title, Authors (including name of organisation, mailing address and email), and Abstract), maximum 500 words (Times New Roman, 12 pt and left adjusted). Abstract file must be in *.doc or *.rtf formatted (not OpenOffice and not *.docx). Please, attach all used images (maximum 3) as separated *.emf, *.tiff or *.jpg files (without compression) named according to the text with desired printing size in 300 dpi resolution. Not suitable images will not be included in conference proceedings.

The due date for abstracts is 1 April 2014.

Conference proceedings based on abstracts will go through a review process and will be published in English. Selected full papers are invited for publication post-conference in peer-review journals.

Presentation requirements
Participants are invited to submit abstracts related to themes as announced.
All participants included to the program with an oral presentation should send the presentation to the organizing committee.

  • Presentation files must be saved in PowerPoint (*.ppt, *.pptx) or Adobe PDF (*.pdf) formats.
  • Format page — landscape 16:9.
  • Multimedia content must be embedded to the presentation file (please note, no external references), all bitmap images must be pre-optimized, or compressed in the presentation editor for the smooth performance and fast slides relay.
  • Slide switching — manual.
  • PDF presets: defalt full screen, page fit scale and single page display

The registration fee is 250 Euro for 3 days which includes:

  • coffee breaks
  • lunches
  • a copy of the conference proceedings.

EXCURSIONS and cultural programme
Visits to reconstructed historic, industrial and natural landscapes are part of the technical tours of the conference. Optional pre-conference St. Petersburg sightseeing (e.g. the Hermitage and Russian Museum, other Museums) is offered as well.

Russian Federation
Administration of St. Petersburg
Larisa Kanunikova

St. Petersburg Forest Technical University
Andrey Selikhovkin, the Rector

Faculty of Landscape Architecture
Irina Melnichuk
Victor Smertin
Kiril Pimenov

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Maria Ignatieva
Tuula Eriksson
Per Berg

Co-organizer (student workshop): ECLAS:

Post Mailing Address and telephone:
Institutski Pereulok, 5  FTA
194021, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Tel. +7-812-670-93-88, +7-812-670-92-54


If you have a common question, please write Email to:
If you wish to send your abstract, please send Email to:
Questions about Russian visa, accommodation in St-Petersburg, send an e-mail to:

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