Brussels is the solution

the Human City Project

As of the 11th of February, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel’s chair Willy Calewaert is organizing a series of debates on the topic of Brussels. The chair is led by Prof. Eric Corijn, social geographer and professor at the university. The title of the series is called “Brussels is not the problem, Brussels is the solution”. During four sessions, including talks and debates, several prominent experts and politicians will discuss the future of Brussels, its issues and its potential.

The first session will tackle knowledge economy and education. Today, educational institutions are run in either Dutch or French, but never bilingual Dutch and French. This is in part due to the seperated authorities in education: the Flemish region governs Dutch education, Wallonia governs the French. Will Brussels evolve towards its own power to govern educational matters? How can Brussels’ universities play a role in the development of the…

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