Winner of the IFLA Trophee Competition

Brussels, 26 February, 2014.

IFLA is happy to announce the name of the winner of the Trophy Competition for the Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award.
The Jury also wishes to give a round of virtual applause to all the entrants for their thoughtfulness and imagination.

Desirable practical qualities were that the trophy should be pleasing to handle, which included having a certain weight; hard to break; easy to clean and simple in massing.

Mariano Filippini’s proposal had excellent qualities, simplicity, elegance and force which led to an unanimous vote from the jury. The members found it  very appealing, particularly the examples where the concrete base is inlaid with coloured glass fragments.  The dual wood box too is a delightful feature.

Mariano Filippini is an Industrial Design student at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and will be granted with €5.000 sponsored by the German nursery  Lorberg.



The Jury
Chair: Hal Moggridge OBE PPLI – Assistant to Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe (1960-63)
Desiree Martínez, IFLA President
Ilya Mochalov, IFLA Secretary General
John Easthope, IFLA Treasurer
Tunji Adejumo, IFLA Vice-President for Africa
Carlos Jankilevich, IFLA Vice-President for Americas
Dato Ismail Ngah, IFLA Vice-President for Asia-Pacific
Ana Luengo, IFLA Vice-President for Europe