IFI President-Elect for 2014-2015

The IFI President and Executive Board are proud to share  the announcement of Sebastiano Renari as the nominee for President-Elect for the 2014-2015 Board Term.

Mr. Renari brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the 2014-2015 IFI Board. And, with his term as President of Associazione Italiana Progettisti d’Interni (AIPI) ending in May, he will be able to focus his full energy to the very important and on going and strategic work of the next IFI Board.

Mr. Renari boasts a noteworthy record of contribution to the development of the Interiors profession both within and beyond Italy. In addition to three successful decades as Founder and Principle of Nuccio Raneri Design Studio, he has, as Vice-President and teacher at the Polidesign Consortium of Politecnico in Milan, worked to develop vocational training and establish standards for Interior Design professional qualification. He holds a diploma in Technical Design with a specialization in Interior Design and Interior Decoration from the OPQAI in Paris.

As a matter of introduction, please find below a statement from Mr. Renari regarding his nomination:

Sebastiano Renari“I’ve always seen IFI as a reference for all interior designers, and as a means to let the designer grow culturally and professionally through the comparison of different cultures all over the world. IFI also shows the right way to create a system.

Perhaps the most difficult part of undertaking any new direction for an organization, is its implementation. The steps you carry from ideas to paper and into real life will affect the way our organization communicates, cooperates, and collaborates in the future. If voted for, the next board will be tasked with implementing a new structure that realigns the global connections our membership values and positions IFI for greater relevance as a 21st century INGO. That’s hard enough when everyone is on the same page—but getting people motivated to change, or even just getting their attention, can make it even harder. Implementation is a journey, not an event. It takes deliberate management which I hope my fellow board members and I will be execute successfully.

IFI MUST remain singularly focused on helping to develop, elevate, and globally coalesce the Interior Architecture/Design discipline. It is with this in mind that, with this platform, I will continue to help further integrate and grow our European and global members under the banner of IFI.

If we work hard and we all believe in this, within the next three years this could be a reality. Getting this aim means working with humility, professionalism and competence. With support and enthusiasm of the whole membership we will be able to accomplish great things for IFI and the Interiors discipline worldwide.”
The office of IFI Secretariat

L’avenir de Lac-Mégantic : Mission Possible

L’atelier L’avenir de Lac-Mégantic : Mission Possible, qui se déroulera au congrès 2014 de l’AAPQ, est un appel à l’engagement social des professionnels de l’aménagement. En position d’apporter de l’inspiration à la communauté de Lac-Mégantic ébranlée par le tragique événement de l’été 2013, l’AAPQ souhaite répondre présent à l’appel lancé par la mairesse Colette Roy-Laroche en faveur d’un soutien continu de tous les Québécois pour propulser la relance de son territoire.  
Durant l’atelier, la mairesse sera accompagnée de partenaires locaux et d’experts des sphères publiques et privées qui se mobilisent pour développer un plan de reconstruction pour le centre-ville ainsi qu’une vision touristique pour la région. Cet atelier sera fait d’échanges et de discussions et permettra d’émettre des idées alliant paysage, mise en valeur du patrimoine et culture dans les stratégies d’aménagement qui pourront contribuer à relancer Lac-Mégantic, tant pour en faire un milieu de vie de qualité que pour y stimuler le tourisme.
L’APPQ est heureuse de s’engager à collaborer et à contribuer aux travaux de réflexion sur la reconstruction de Lac Mégantic.
Consultez la programmation complète et réservez votre place dès maintenant: http://aapq.org/evenement/congres2014

2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has been selected as the 2014 Laureate of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize. In a statement on the Pritzker Prize website, the award recognizes the architect’s “elegant, innovative work for private clients” as well as the “resourceful design approach for his extensive humanitarian efforts.” Both poles of Shigeru Ban’s oeuvre are evident in two projects completed last year: Tamedia Office Building in Zürich and the Cardboard Cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand. The former utilizes an innovative timber structure to create a pleasing office environment, while the latter serves as a temporary cathedral following the 2011 earthquake that damaged the Christchurch Cathedral.
Click here to see more of Shigeru Ban’s projects. The official 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize ceremony will take place at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, on June 13. jh

[Source World-Architects eMagazine #13/14]

More life in the small commuter town of Hjärup, Sweden

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Hjärup-Sydsvenskan-140319 Local newspaper ‘Sydsvenskan’ March 19th. Kommunstyrelsens ordförande (Leader of municipal council), Christian Sonesson (M) and Thomas Heinegård, regional manager at Skanska announced the plans for a new district in western Hjärup at a press meeting last week

Last week I had the privilege of attending a press meeting in the small town of Hjärup, Sweden, where the municipality of Staffanstorp and our client Skanska, announced that together, they are now starting the formal planning process of developing a new residential district of about 700 new houses and apartments, as well as commercial and public service in western Hjärup. In 2011/2012 Gehl Architects developed the masterplan that will form the starting point for the redevelopment of the 26 ha. industrial site where Skanskas former concrete factory is located, right next to the Hansa – inspired by the development of Jakiborg.

The new district will add a significant amount of new residents…

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