The Liget Budapest Project

A few days ago an open, international, two-stage design competition was announced for the design of four new museum buildings within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project in Hungary.
This is an interesting and challenging opportunity to take part in, however, Hungarian professional organisations are worried about the proposed place, which is the City Park of Budapest. It is the oldest park in the city of Budapest, a highly important element of the historic urban landscape of Budapest and part of Budapest World Heritage buffer zone.
The park is two hundred years old, the designer, Heinrich Nebbien won the design competition to create an open, freely accessible public park as early as 1813. The park was built mainly out of public subscription, and since its opening it has been the major public park of the capital of Hungary. Although the park gave space for international exhibitions earlier as well, the buildings have always been meant to be temporary, not to overbuild the green area.
This new project aims to accommodate four new buildings, which means that the building rate in the Park will be nearly doubled, from 5,7% to 13%. Although the idea of the new museum buildings and the new museum ‘quarter’ is an interesting challenge, the site of the project, due to its historical importance, was questioned by several professional organisations, designers, researchers and also by the Hungarian public.
A group of independent experts has created an alternative set of proposals, which is available here: .
If you are planning to take part in the competition, or know about colleagues who are thinking about it, please consider having a look at these alternative ideas.
If you think that the unity and values of one of the earliest public parks of the world should not be corrupted, please consider to sign the online petition started by Hungarian professionals:

Paysage-signature avec Danielle Choi au congrès AAPQ 2014

Ne manquez pas la chance d’entendre Danielle Choi de Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, une des firmes d’architecture de paysage les plus dynamiques et inventives en Amérique du Nord. 
Mme Choi présentera sa conférence samedi à 9h30.  Allez vous inscrire sans tarder, des places sont toujours disponibles.
Au plaisir. L’équipe AAPQ