Zhou Ganzhi Obituary

Dear IFLA leaders and APR friends,
I am very sad to let you know that CHSLA Honorary President, Past President Zhou Ganzhi died of illness at the age of 84 on the 14th of  March 2014. The memorial service in Beijing was held on 20 March 2014.
His great contribution to Chinese landscape architectural profession and the stong, friendly relationship  between CHSLA and IFLA will always be remembered.
Prof. PhD LIU Xiaoming, School of Landscape Architecture,Beijing Forestry University
Deputy Secretary-General,Standing Council Member, Chinese Society of Landsape Architecture(CHSLA)
CHSLA delegate to IFLA ,  IFLA APR Education Committee Co-Chair

Dear Xiaoming and all CHSLA friends,
My very sincere condolences for you all! People like Zhou Ganzhi are iconic in the development of our profession in the World! We will miss him, but he left us a lot trhough his knowledge and his shared experiences!!!
Big, big hug to all
Desiree Martínez

Dear Xiaoming
It is a very sad notice.
I remember him since he participated with you in the IFLA World Council in Edinburgh, Scotland, 2005. All of us know that he was one of the key persons in the inclusion of CHSLA as an IFLA member.
Prof.  Zhou Ganzhi pass away is a great loss for the profession worldwide.
Virginia Laboranti
IFLA Past Secretary General

Dear Prof. PhD LIU Xiaoming,
Dear members of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture (CHSLA)
Dear colleagues in The People’s Republic of China
Tears are the silent language of grief. – Voltaire
We are saddened to hear of the sudden loss of Prof. ZHOU Ganzhi
On behalf of the Landscape architecture family let me pass our deepest condolences on the recent passing of dearest Prof. Zhou Ganzhi
May our hearts be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as we celebrate a life well lived. Those of us who know him will remember him as a gentle and inspirational person who was determined to make the world a better place.
He was a wonderful man; I have de honor to know him for several years, leading and being the architect of the ultimate Chinese Society of Landscape Architects affiliation; a milestone during my term as IFLA president following over many years of discussion. Thanks to him CHSLA become a full member of the IFLA global family in 2005. What a delightful memories when with James Hayter IFLA Eastern region vice-president in Peking we learnt his willing, and aspirations …what a splendid men!
A deep sadness invades me, losing someone so special.
And when someone you appreciate and affect becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.
Please convey my deepest condolences to his family and friends.  We will certainly miss his vibrant personality and thoughtful contributions in our landscape journey
With love
Martha Fajardo
IFLA Former President

Dear Martha
I did not have the chance to meet Prof. Zhou Ganzhi, but your words are powerful and gather all of us together, the Human and Landscape Architecture community around this lost to our profession and to our fellow friends from the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture
So on my name and the CSLA, I join you on this recognition and my sincere salutations to the family and friends of Prof. Zhou Ganzhi
My appreciation
Raquel Peñalosa
CSLA IFLA Delegate
IFLA Americas VP Elect

Dear Xiaoming:
We have lost another big Giant of Landscape Architecture in Asia !!
Truly sad to hear ……
Please convey my deepest condolences to you, his family and all the friends in the World.  He shall be remembered forever.
Sincerely yours,  
From IFLA-Japan National Committee
Hiko Mitani

Dear Xiaoming

Please accept my deepest condolences. 
I believe his soul is at peace because you and your colleagues continue his way in CHSLA.
Kind Regards
Mohammad Motalebi – Iranian Society of Landscape Professions (ISLAP)

Dear Xiaoming,
On behalf all landscape architects in Indonesia, please convey our deepest condolences to CHSLA of the lost of their greatest landscape architect. May the family, friends and colleagues keep the spirit of his contribution to our profession. 
S. Sekartjakrarini (Tinoek)
Delegate ISLA to IFLA

Dear Xiaoming, 
Please pass on our condolences to his family and to CHSLA. The landscape architecture world has lost a great leader, a very knowledgeable, warm and compassionate man. His friendship towards IFLA was immensely important and the organization continues to benefit significantly from the relationship he so carefully fostered. 
Professor Kathryn Moore, PPLI, FRSA
IFLA President Elect

Dear Xiaoming,
On behalf of SILA and our local landscape fraternity friends who know Mr Zhou and his great contributions, please send our deepest condolences to his family and CHSLA. 

Damian Tang
SILA President

Dear Xiaoming,

I am sadden to learn the demise of our dear friend and great leader, the honorable Zhou Ganzhi. 
It was indeed a great privilege for me to have had the opportunity of working with him for so many years in making the sure that CHSLA be a member of IFLA. He was man of honor, great fortitude and foresight and he has my greatest respect. I share your grief of losing a great leader, the grandfather of the Chinese Landscape Architect profession, and  such a wonderful friend and great leader in our Landscape fraternity.
Kindly, convey my deepest condolence to his family members and your association members.
With love and deep respect,
Richard L.P.Tan
PP President of IFLA

Dear Xiaoming:
Our heartfelt gratitude for your communication to the world  LA  community and to IFLA on the sad news of Professor  Zhou Ganzhi  passing away.
As you rightly said his great contribution to Chinese landscape architectural profession and the strong friendship between CHSLA and  IFLA, as well as his remarkable work, will be always valued and honored.
On behalf of IFLA Americas Region and my own, in full awareness and appreciation of Professor  Zhou  great contributions, please send our deepest condolences to his family, friends and the Chinese Society of Landscape Architects.
Carlos Jankilevich
IFLA Americas Vice President

Dear Prof Xiaoming,
On behalf of the International Federation of Landscape Architects Asia Pacific Region (IFLA APR) I wish to express our deepest sorrow on the death of Prof Zhou Ghanzi, our great leader in landscape architecture. Judging from what CHSLA is experiencing now, no words can explain his vast and immense contribution to landscape architecture in China and Asia Pacific in particular. His death will definitely be a great loss for Landscape Architecture fraternity not only within China but also to the world over.
Please convey our deepest and heartfelt condolences to his family and friends of CHSLA. We will certainly miss a man who has lead a life well lived and may his soul rest in peace. Thank you.

Dato Ismail Ngah,
Vice President – IFLA Asia Pacific Region.


Dear Xiaoming,
Please accept our deepest condolence for the passing of the Honor President Zhou Ganzhi.  This is not only the loss of CHSLA but also the profession of landscape architects’ great loss.    
Kindly Regards

Chun-Yen Chang
Delegate of IFLA Taiwan

Dear Xiaoming
On behalf of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, please pass on our condolences to Past President Zhou Ganzhi’s family and to the Chinese profession of landscape architects. We celebrate his life and contribution towards the worldwide profession of landscape architecture. The legacy of his wisdom and actions will remain always with the profession and with me personally.
Professor James Hayter
IFLA Past Treasurer

Dear Xiaoming,
I am sorry to hear of the sad news. On behalf of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects, please accept our deepest condolences. 
Amongst other achievements, President Zhou has played a highly significant role in establishing bridges between China and the international arena in the field of Landscape Architecture. I am honored to be present with him in many events from years ago.
President Zhou shall be fondly remembered by all of us.
Yours Sincerely 
Professor Leslie Chen, JP
IFLA Hong Kong Delegate

Dear Xiaoming,

On behalf of the German Association of Landscape Architects (bdla), please pass on our condolences to Past President Zhou Ganzhi’s family and to the Chinese profession of landscape architects.
This is not only the loss for CHSLA and the chinese profession but also for the profession of landscape architects worldwide. I had the honor to meet Zhou Ganzhi at several conferences and meeting.    
Kindly regards
Prof. Dipl. Ing. Fritz A. Auweck
BDLA Chairman International Affairs
IFLA Europe Past President

Dear Xiaoming
I am very sorry to hear of Zhou Ganzhi’s passing. I feel privileged to have met him on a number of occasions. I was always impressed by his quiet sense of mana (that is his aura of strength and leadership).
I have not forgotten what he told us once at Beijing Forestry University – to be a landscape architect, first you must learn to paint. So his understanding of form and colour and proportion and composition served him well as a landscape architect.
No doubt you, and all our friends and colleagues in CHSLA and the profession generally in China will mourn his passing, but also celebrate a life well lived for the betterment of the world we live in.
Please pass on my condolences and best wishes to Zhou Ganzhi’s family and to all in CHSLA at this time of sadness and commemoration.
No reira (In conclusion)
E te rangatira (O great leader)
Haere, haere, haere (Farewell, farewell, farewell)
Haere ki o matua, o tipuna, karangarangamaha (Go to join your parents, your grandparents, and all your other ancestors)
No reira,
Haere, haere, haere (Farewell, farewell, farewell).
Alan Titchener
Former IFLA VP APR