Berlin´s Landscape Architecture online

Berlin’s open spaces can now be experienced with the online portal “”


bdla presents landscape architecture in a manner that is emotionally attractive, spatially positioned and knowledgeable – for your desktop and as a mobile web app

The portal is now available on the internet, the first element in the Federation of German Landscape Architect’s (bdla) innovative online strategy to experience Berlin’s cultural landscape. On the start page, the 360° swivelling panorama of the capital city, infused with “green”, provides an eventful and informative view of the landscaped architecture. As an intuitive entrance to the portal, it awakens the appetite for diverse encounters with the designed outdoor areas in the metropolis.

The portal “ParcView” addressed the topic landscape architecture and its diverse references to Berlin art, cultural goods and cultural institutions. “The urban cultural landscape is especially pronounced in Berlin and very dynamic. The cultural and tourist-related potential produced by this interaction has been insufficiently exploited until now,” is how Christof Luz, member of the executive board, summarizes the bdla’s motivation to develop “ParcView”.

Experiencing landscape architecture in stories and time transitions

The cultural references are translated in the form of spatially specific, real and virtual online exhibitions with a special narrative manner. The “Berlin Wall Parks” combine very different locations such as the Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Straße, the park at Nordbahnhof, the East Side Park and the Luisenstädtische Canal, presenting the public, designed space along the course of the former Wall as a memory of the city. In addition, the manifold facets of the design and significance of Berlin’s open spaces are illustrated by the online exhibitions “Landscape Architecture as Cultural Heritage”, “Gardens of the Museums and Galleries” and “Open Spaces as Commemorative Places”.

The playful and individual discovery of a place by means of expressive and attractive images and incisive texts constitute the core of the online exhibitions. The integration of videos supports the emotional address to users and enables them to get an idea of the intentions and working methods of the landscape architects. Based on the process of augmented reality, the “story” conveys more detailed information on specific aspects of a space, such as the ecological diversity of the blossoming meadow landscapes in the Rudow-Altglienicke landscape park. The narrative structure of the “tours” allows the user to move virtually through space, such as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The “time transition” explains to the ParcView visitor the development of the pace in historical levels, individual layers of construction, or by displaying the before-and-after of the planning, for example at Gendarmenmarkt.

Exploring Berlin’s cultural landscape with the web app “”

The service is completed by the mobile website “Which current locations of landscape architecture can I find nearby?”, “How can I get there?” and “Can I learn more when I am there?” are typical user needs that are supported by The web app can be accessed free of charge using a smartphone browser with GPS and internet access and can then be used without any prior installation for tours of exploration through Berlin’s cultural landscape.

Successful cooperation

The plans have been supported by renowned cultural institutions in Berlin such as the Topography of Terror Foundation and the Berlin Wall Foundation. Due to the very positive initial response to “ParcView”, further online exhibitions with other cooperative partners are already being planned. For the first time, thanks to the cooperation with visitBerlin, the official tourism portal for visitors to the German capital, Berlin’s open spaces can now prove their worth as cultural tourist sites in the international arena.

Nationwide project database “landscape architecture today” in preparation

You can also look forward to the portal, which will be released as the second element of our online communication on 18 January 2013, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the bdla. The intention is to develop this nationwide online project database into a renowned virtual salon for landscape architecture in Germany.


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The ParcView project is financed by funding from the Federal State of Berlin as well as from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the programme to strengthen and exploit innovative potential in culture (INP).