The LALI wave: driving the change

Signature and ratification of the Latin American Landscape Initiative (LALI) by the civil society, the academia, the local government attending the IFLA SAP 2012 Americas Conference, in Medellin, Colombia, October 19.

” LALI is a regional initiative, but its meaning goes much beyond the limits of the Latin America region: it signals the mobilisation of civil society for the safeguarding of important collective values, the ones that are represented by the conservation of beauty, of biodiversity, of traditional knowledge, of heritage in all its forms. 

Unesco praises the work that you have done during this meeting, and wholeheartedly supports the LALI initiative as a basis for an enhanced regional and international action that will lead to the development of more effective and universal policies, in collaboration with all the main United Nations Agencies, the international NGOs and national and local Governments of all the regions of the world.

Thanks! We look forward to an even greater global engagement for the preservation of Landscapes! ”

Francesco Bandarin UNESCO ADG Culture

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Nota Bene: Thank you to Martha Fajardo, LALI Chair-ILC task force member and IFLA Former President for this valuable contribution.