IFI WING Global Student Design Competition and Awards

The winners of the 2013 IFI WING Global Student Design Competition and Awards have been announced; interior designers Alina Boukovsky and Yirat Lorenz, from The College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon LeZion, Israel win first prize with the ‘Blob’ project.

With 35 entries from 23 universities (twelve of which were IFI educational members) from 16 countries, the next generation of designers took part in the inaugural WING International Student Design Competition and Awards. This year’s winning entries were chosen by an international judging panel of renowned personalities in the world of design including Raymund Königk (South Africa), Nilgün Çarkaci (Turkey), Sylvia Leydecker (Germany), Kay Sargent (USA), Naoki Iijima (Japan) and Shashi Caan (Chair, USA). In choosing a winner, entries were judged on a list of evaluative criteria including conceptual creativity, originality, aesthetic, social and environmental considerations, ability to visually/verbally explain the ideas, and presentation skill.

The winning project was submitted by student Designers Alina Boukovsky and Yirat Lorenz, 3rd year Interior Design students from the College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon LeZion, Israel. Titled ‘Blob: Innovative Workspace’, the design team concept focuses on the personal space of people being dramatically reduced in the modern era as result of a demographic shift.

The design was influenced by the recent trend to create products containing a multitude of uses in one element, or convergences. Given this trend, they developed a workspace model that meets both functional and decorative aspects. With an iron rod as the backbone of the workstation, the MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) units threaded through the rod, moving around in a unique way, according to the required function. The center pole also doubles as a pass through for the power cable for the lighting fixture located at the top of the model.

“In my design projects I always try to find original, interesting and creative solutions, even for the most standard cases”, said Rishon whose connection to art began at early childhood.

Alina continued, “The ‘Blob’ project was really challenging and exciting experience for me, from an idea searching process until it`s physical creation”.

View the winning project here

WING is a worldwide educational endeavor involving Interior Architecture/Design workshops endorsed by IFI and sponsored by IFI supporters. Developed in 1999, WING seeks to exchange ideas and encourage creativity among young Interior Architecture/Design students working collaboratively with professional mentors, educators, local artists, and craftsmen to explore the practice of design. The program encourages free spirit and imagination by encouraging young designers to unleash the unlimited possibilities of design innovation. 

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OBITUARY: Michael Hough brought ecology to the cityscape

Mr. Hough, who died in January at 84, spent his career in pursuit of this ideal – the integration of cities with natural systems. As a young landscape architect in the 1960s, he helped lead that profession to combine urbanism and ecology, to think of human activity and nature as complementary and connected.


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DRS // CUMULUS Oslo 2013 – Call for Papers

The 2nd International Conference for Design Education Researchers 14-17 May 2013, Oslo, Norway
Organised by Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Art Design -DRS (Design Research Society) – CUMULUS (the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media).
This international conference is a springboard for sharing ideas and concepts about contemporary design education research. Contributors are invited to submit research that deals with different facets of contemporary approaches to design education research. All papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed.
This conference is open to research in any aspect and discipline of design education.
Conference theme:
Designed artefacts and solutions influence our lives and values, both from a personal and societal perspective. Designers, decision makers, investors and consumers hold different positions in the design process, but they all make choices that will influence our future visual and material culture. To promote sustainability and meet global challenges for the future, professional designers are dependent on critical consumers and a design literate general public. For this purpose design education is important for all. We propose that design education in general education represents both a foundation for professional design education and a vital requirement for developing the general public competence for informed decision making.
We invite submissions along the following themes:
:: Philosophy of design education
:: Design curriculum
:: Design knowledge
:: Design education for non-designers
:: Research informed designed education
:: Design education informing research
:: Multidisciplinary design education
:: Challenges in design education methods
:: Assessment
:: Internationalisation of design education
We are also seeking expression of interest to conduct workshops and symposia. We especially welcome early career researchers, PhD candidates and Master students with work in progress.
e-mail address: DRScumulus@hioa.no
Intention to submit a Paper
Proposals for papers in English should contain the following:
:: Proposed paper title
:: Summary of proposed paper including a description of methodology used (200 words max)
:: Up to 4 bibliographical references (on top of the 200 word limit)
:: First and second choice conference theme for the proposed paper
Intentions to submit will be submitted online at http://www.hioa.no/DRScumulus. Paper proposals will not be reviewed, but brief feedback will be given.
Full papers should be between 4000-6000 words. This is a general design education research conference and it is expected that a wide variety of
work- in-progress or finalized research will be reported. However, irrespective of the range and stage of your research, the organizers expect the highest standards of scholarship in terms of establishing context, explicating the methods of inquiry, and reporting results that may aid other researchers and/or practitioners.
To preserve anonymity, author names should NOT be identified in the body of the paper. Authors should be referred to in the text or notes in the third person only. Papers must be previously unpublished. Papers can be submitted online at http://www.hioa.no/DRScumulus
Proceedings from the conference will be published online. Please see the conference website http://www.hioa.no/DRScumulus for detailed guidance about submitting a full paper.
We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Scientific Journals:
:: FORMakademisk
:: Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education
:: TechneA
The journals will publish special issues with articles selected from papers and keynote lectures presented at the conference.
Proposal for Workshop and Symposia, submission guidelines
:: Working title
:: Responsible person and for Workshop/Symposia also list contributors’ names and affiliation
:: Aim and content (400 words)
1 June 2012…………… Intention to submit opens
24 July 2012 …………. Deadline for Intention to submit a Paper
2 October 2012 ……… Deadline for Workshop and Symposia proposals
30 October 2012 ……. Deadline for full Papers
18 December 2012 ….. Paper accepted
5 February 2013 ……… Deadline for full Paper with corrections
26 February 2013 ……. Deadline for early bird registration
19 March 2013 ………… Deadline for author registration
14 May 2013 ……………. Conference opens