tur(i)ntogreen International Student Design Competition


tur(i)ntogreenis an International design competition launched by the  Research and Documentation Centre in Technology, Architecture and City in Developing Countries(CRD-PVS) at the Politecnico di Torino(Italy).
With a  distinguished  jury and sponsored by the UN-HABITAT within the “I’m a City Changer” campaign, it is open to University students from around the world. Participants are invited to apply their creative talents in developing new multidisciplinary solutions for sustainable and inclusive cities reflecting on new forms of urban management and regeneration through agro – housing and urban – farming models.
Imagine a neighbourhood that connects the city withthe fields not only physically but also from the cultural, philosophical and environmental perspective. This will be the agriculture and food production district in Turin (Italy), where people  will be living in a  farmingoriented urban realm.
One narrow area of the FIAT, one of the biggest carfactory of the World, in the Mirafiori plant, devoted to production stock parking, has been working as a second barrier to the expansion and integration of the South Mirafiori neighbourhood with the City. Now it has the chance to provide
Turin with a new model of urban life. Dwellings integrated with food production, in traditional (surface field) or innovative (vertical)
models; housing for low income people and immigrants, with agricultural skills; spaces, services and features to let younger generation to reinvent their own way to work; urban farming that opens to a new economy, including education, documentation, food retail, agricultural and zoo-technical services.
The massive global economical transformations, the  redistribution of wealth and rights, new places and methods of production in goods and services aretransforming the boundaries of the contemporary cities; the fragile balance between rural areas and urban settlements is quickly evolving. Younger generations from the rural areas  in the whole world continue moving into the cities, claiming the right to share the benefits supplied by joint services, wealth and employment, peculiarities of the city even if they imply unacceptable life conditions. This has already led to an
increase in urban population that generates the demand for new architectural solutions that must cover for the new figures ensuring dignity and integrated living conditions.
Where(45°1’30.71″N, 7°36’22.92″E)
Turin – the Italian  motownof the 20th century – got to know these phenomena very well. In more than one situation of recent Italian history this city has been the home for many people and families coming from other sides of the Country. Between 1963 and 1965, South Mirafiori neighbourhood had been the first area selected to become a massive social housing development and urban expansion, with 1 million of cubic meters and a total of 2000 apartments in 35 high rise buildings.Just on the other side of the road the biggest Italian car factory plant – FIAT Mirafiori – was employing 80.000 people. Today the neighbourhood and the social housing dwellings – mainly owned by users now – are no more sustainable in terms of maintenance costs; apartments were given to people according to the members of their families differently from the contemporary model; the entire neighbourhood was designed as a living and working system together, in the 60’s in Turin represented by the FIAT factories in Mirafiori and Rivalta Torinese. The neighbourhood overall population is decreased from 20.000 to 6.000 and FIAT has around 10.000 employees.
On one side energy costs and environmental issues,  property values and building quality, unemployment, new global manufacturing scenarios; on the other hand the environmental features, the local ongoing projects, the community activities and the urban strategies for the western Turin
make South Mirafiori an extremely high potential urban district in terms of social and economic development still to be explored.

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