IFLA Secretary General at the École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage

IFLA Secretary General, Ilya Mochalov, meeting at the ENSP (École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage) with the Director of the school, Mr. Vincent Piveteau. Versailles, France, the 7th of May 2014.


From left to right: Mr. Ilya Mochalov, Ms. Karin Helms and Mr. Vincent Piveteau



Design the trophee of the IFLA Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award

Call for the Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe trophy design 

The IFLA Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award is the highest honor that the International Federation of Landscape Architects can bestow upon a landscape architect. The Award recognizes a living landscape architect whose lifetime achievements and contributions have had a unique and lasting impact on the welfare of society and the environment and on the promotion of the profession of landscape architecture. The award is bestowed annually on an academic, public or private practitioner whose work and achievements are respected internationally.

Requirements for the design

  • Should represent the profession
  • Should represent the impact of Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe’s work
  • Should be of a design, material and production that encompasses sustainability
  • Should be designed in such a manner that the container and the object could be one or complement each other
  • Should be reasonable and practical in size to carry and be representative so the object and its container do not to exceed 40 cm long.
  • The object and its container should weigh less than 1000 grams.
  • Should have sufficient space and appropriate surface to easily engrave the name of the awardee on it
  • Should be inspiring and memorable

Submission requirements

The submission should be made in pdf format size A4. It should include a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 pages with the following:

  • The concept with a short summary text of 50 words for publication purposes
  • A 3D view of each side
  • Material description and costs in Euros for the production of 5 pieces
  • Participants should send an email expressing their intention to participate, through an anonymous email with their code (best is a combination of 3 letters and 3 numbers in any combination) before January 07, 2014.
    The material submitted will not be returned to its author.
  • By accepting to compete the designers do a full transfer of rights of exploitation of the work to IFLA
  • IFLA will duly recognised the winner on its “Award Competition” communications

Eligibility : All design professionals around the world are welcomed to participate individually or as a group.

Prize : The winner will be granted with €5.000 sponsored by the nursery Lorberg

Cost : The production of the award must be affordable for IFLA (maximum €500). The cost of production will be one of the evaluation criteria.

Production  : The winner of the competition will produce 5 awards. These awards will be delivered at IFLA’s office in Brussels by May 15, 2014. All production and shipping costs will be covered by IFLA.

Copyright : The winner and IFLA will share the copyright of the work.

The Jury & Selection Committee
Chair: Hal Moggridge OBE PPLI
Assistant to Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe (1960-63)
Ms. Desiree Martínez, IFLA President
Mr. Ilya Mochalov, IFLA Secretary General
Mr. John Easthope, IFLA Treasurer
Dr. Tunji Adejumo, IFLA Vice-President for Africa
Mr. Carlos Jankilevich, IFLA Vice-President for Americas
Dato Ismail Ngah, IFLA Vice-President for Asia-Pacific
Ms. Ana Luengo, IFLA Vice-President for Europe
Maestro Sebastián, Mexican plastic artist

Important dates

Closing date for questions

January 15, 2013

Closing date for submission

February 10, 2013

Jury’s decision

February 24, 2014

Winner’s announced

February 25, 2014


IFLA Communication Committee




Closes: JANUARY 5th, 2014

GROUND UP is the ASLA award-winning annual publication of the Department of Landscape Architecture + Environmental Planning at the University of California at Berkeley. In this issue, we invite you to explore what it means to be Here.

GROUND UP is soliciting printable media up to 2500 words with accompanying graphics. Shorter entries of 500-1000 words are highly encouraged, as are design proposals, either speculative or built.  Video submissions for the journal’s online component are welcome, and novel forms of written and artistic expression encouraged.

To view the complete call and submission criteria, please visit: https://groundup.submittable.com/submit.

GROUND UP is accepting submissions on a rolling basis from October 2, 2013 until January 5, 2014. Notification of selected entries will be made in February.

For more information, please visit: www.groundupjournal.org.


Call for PANORAMA Entries: National Conference, Delhi 2014

Dear Members,

ISOLA wishes all its members a very happy Diwali and a prosperous new year ahead. 
We would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to participate in the PANORAMA section of the upcoming conference at Delhi.
Attached please find a CALL FOR PANORAMA ENTRIES from the Delhi Conference Organising Team. 
Hoping for an enthusiastic response from all.
Shilpa Chandawarkar
Honorary Secretary


Dear ISOLA Members/Colleagues/ Friends,

The Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) is now accepting submissions for the Panorama presentations at the Annual National Conference 2014 to be held in New Delhi, India on February 28th & March 1st, 2014. The 2014 conference will highlight the theme ‘Sense of Place’.

The Panorama session, first introduced at the Bhopal conference, is an interactive series of brief, visual, eight-minute presentations that reinforce the theme of the conference. It provides professionals, students, local or international with an opportunity to present at this forum and for others to be inspired by significant, inspiring landscapes. We encourage you to participate.

For any suggestions / queries contact isoladelhichapter@gmail.com.

Nidhi Madan


Ninth ISOLA National Conference: CALL FOR PANORAMA
Theme:  ‘A Sense of Place’
Date:  28 February — 01 March 2014

A Sense of Place, ISOLA 2014 Conference, New Delhi

The Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) is now accepting submissions for ‘PANORAMA’, an 8 minute/20 slides digital presentation of inspiring works in the field of Landscape Architecture or other designed landscapes that reinforce the theme- ‘A Sense of Place’. The presentation will be a part of the 2014 Annual National Conference to be held in New Delhi, India on February 28 & March 1, 2014.

Participation is open to all professionals and students of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and related disciplines.


A visual narrative of inspiring places of local, urban or even regional scale which create ‘A Sense of Place’ with their dynamics of space, relationship to the community or their history and meaning. Some significant examples are, and may include, Mandu, Aurangabad and Vijaynagar, places that reflect the vernacular spirit of place.

The presentation may also be based on works by inspiring designers.


October 18, 2013 Call for presentations for PANORAMA

November 15, 2013 Last date for receipt of presentation topics and ideas (as write-ups and a draft PowerPoint presentation)

December 1, 2013 Call for presentations from selected topics and ideas

January 7, 2014 Last date for submission of final presentation


  • Provide a concise write up of the topic or issue to be presented for stage 1.
  • The slide show/multimedia presentation should be a maximum of 5 minutes only
  • The final presentation should be up to 20 slides of which a maximum of 15% could be text description if given in a PowerPoint format
  • Highlight the title of the presentation in the 1st slide with information about the name, institutional affiliation and contact details of the presenter. Also provide the sub-theme, if any.
  • Provide your mailing address, telephone/mobile numbers with country-codes, facsimile number and e-mail address. Note that all communications regarding your presentation will be directed to the email address you provide, so please ensure that it is entered correctly.
  • The subject line of the email submission must read –‘PANORAMA presentation Submission (2014 Conference)- Presentation Title’


LOJA Manifesto


We, the Americas Regional Council of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), meeting in Loja, supported by the attendees to IFLA Regional Conference in Guayaquil, Ecuador, we state that Landscape Architecture is a profession recognized worldwide, as independent from other professions, on account of its own, unique and different characteristics which is practiced by Landscape Architects, who are the qualified experts, specialized, educated and trained for the analysis, conservation, planning, design and production of the landscape.


We make this statement as representatives of IFLA an organization created in 1948 with the objective of ensuring, through education, communication and international promotion: the highest levels of performance in Landscape Architecture.

Sixty-five years later, IFLA is globally recognized and distinguished as the technical forum with broader participation and greater global leadership regarding this discipline

IFLA is a democratic, apolitical and non-governmental, not -for-profit organization and has worked, since its creation in the promotion and recognition of Landscape Architecture as a profession.

Most members of this organization have successfully established such profession in the nations to which they belong or have contributed to its expansion, its recognition and appreciation. However, in some countries the recognition of Landscape Architecture as a profession and Landscape Architects as the suitable professionals to carry it out, lacks of official recognition.

It is precisely to support and encourage the search for such recognition in those countries where this has not happened yet that for the last six decades IFLA has been working on attaining important achievements in conjunction with other international organizations. Such is the case of IFLA collaboration with UNESCO in the development of the appreciation and preservation of the historic urban landscape ( HUL ); the constant work of ICOMOS- IFLA International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes and IFLA ‘s participation as a member of the Habitat Professionals Forum

( HPF ) which is a set of international NGOs who advise and work together with UN – Habitat.

IFLA has signed memoranda of understanding with several global organizations, such as those mentioned above and others, like the International Union of Architects ( UIA ) and the International Society for the planning of the City and Region ( ISOCARP ). Through these agreements the distinctiveness and independence, as well as the authority and reputation of this unique profession that is Landscape Architecture was recognized. The latter, without disregard and working together with all the other professions related to space and the environment.

The International Labor Organization ( ILO) has classified and defined the profession of landscape architecture in its list of professions through the Resolution: ISCO-08 2162 – Title : Landscape Architect.


Given this background and referendums cited and in order to articulate the actions of the various international organizations, we demand full compliance with the respective legislation in each country as well as to give effect to the documents signed and thus honor the work of Landscape Architects from around the world as to acknowledge the uniqueness and independence of Landscape Architecture and its complementary role to other professions related to the management of space, nature, environment and culture.


The IFLA Landscape Latin American Initiative (LALI) seeks to promote the recognition, protection, planning and sustainable management of the landscape, leading to awareness of its diversity and related values in our countries. This, as a result of the synergy arising from civil society, academia, unions, and institutions, who claim for the need to expand the concept of landscape. The latter, as a metaphor of inclusiveness multiplicity and pluralism in the landscape design, biology and planning. For the foregoing reasons LALI, requires and supports the most clear and comprehensive recognition of Landscape Architecture and the Landscape Architects as the professionals responsible for its implementation, under which, adheres signing this manifesto.

Loja, October 29, 2013

IFLA Americas Regional Council
Desiree Martinez Maria Uriarte, President IFLA International
Carlos Jankilevich Vice President IFLA Americas
Diana Ceballos Wiesner, Treasurer IFLA Americas (also acting as Secretary due to Paulo Pellegrino’s absence) 
Ana Luisa Artesi, Delegate from Argentina
Saide Kathouni Delegate from Brazil
Maria Teresa Espinosa of Cellis, Delegate from Bolivia
Moncayo Alexandra Vega, Delegate from Ecuador
Rossana Somaruga, Delegate from Uruguay 
Virginia Laboranti, Observer from Argentina
Lily Mamani Poma, Observer from Bolivia
Gloria Aponte, Observer from Colombia

Latina American Landscape Initiative
Martha Cecilia Fajardo LALI Coordinator

Guayaquil 2013 IFLA Regional Conference

Organizers, Key Note speakers and attendies
by acclamation-

Call for Submissions

Ground Up Issue 3: HERE
Closes: JANUARY 5th, 2014

GROUND UP is the ASLA award-winning annual publication of the Department of Landscape Architecture + Environmental Planning at the University of California at Berkeley. In this issue, you are invited to explore what it means to be Here.

GROUND UP is soliciting printable media up to 2500 words with accompanying graphics. Shorter entries of 500-1000 words are highly encouraged, as are design proposals, either speculative or built. Video submissions for the journal’s online component are welcome, and novel forms of written and artistic expression are encouraged.

To view the complete call and submission criteria, please visit: https://groundup.submittable.com/submit.

GROUND UP is accepting submissions on a rolling basis from October 2, 2013 until January 5, 2014. Notification of selected entries will be made in February.

For more information, please visit: www.groundupjournal.org.


International ideas competition for a new Hans Christian Andersen House of Fairytales in Odense

The eternally pertinent stories of Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen appeal to people all over the world and are read by children and adults alike. However, the treasure trove of fairytales needs a physical setting that matches the poetry. That is why Odense City Museums and the City of Odense are now launching an international open ideas competition for a new presentation concept, a new House of Fairytales and a fairytale garden: a new attraction that should welcome people into Andersen’s fairytale world and also serve as a world-class landmark in Odense, the birthplace of the writer. The ideas competition is co-sponsored by the Realdania Foundation.

Distinctive attraction
The little yellow corner house known as the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen is one of the main attractions in the Danish city of Odense. The main focus of the presentations is currently on the life and character of the writer, but the museum does not fully respond to the great interest in the fairytales shared by the people who come from all over the world to see it.

In launching a large-scale international ideas competition, Odense City Museums and the City of Odense now invite architects, communicators, artists and others to present innovative ideas for an overall concept that can combine the current facilities of the place in a single distinctive attraction.

The new House of Fairytales should unite, continue and develop the experiences currently offered by the museum, while at the same time adding a new layer to ensure that the fairytales will to a greater extent be the gateway to the world of Hans Christian Andersen. The House of Fairytales should communicate the power of the stories and offer a complete experience in which curiosity, imagination, experience and reflection go hand in hand with architecture of the very best quality.

Torben Grøngaard Jeppesen, museum director, Odense City Museums: ‘The House of Fairytales should reflect the inter-national renown of Hans Christian Andersen, and its architecture should be of the very best quality. The garden should be a unique urban space that serves as a place of inspiration, immersion, surprise and play and invites local residents and visitors to the House of Fairytales to come in to experience this. The aspiration is to create a strong whole that fits into the surroundings in an elegant and respectful way.’

The House of Fairytales: part of a new city centre
Right now there is a unique opportunity to rethink the area around the Hans Christian Andersen House in the context of the city of Odense. The competition site is located at the city centre, which is currently undergoing major transformation. The city district that was bisected by the four-lane Thomas B Thriges Gade road in the 1960s will be reconnected, and new green neighbourhoods with housing, workplaces and commercial and cultural facilities will be created.

Jørgen Clausen, chief executive, City of Odense: ‘Urban planning in Odense is developing so fast that the city will look very different ten years from now. The vision of a more coherent city centre is a unique basis for development of a Hans Christian Andersen House of Fairytales and an adjacent garden. Both will be distinctive elements in the historic part of Odense and an attraction that will benefit both local residents and visitors.’

The result of the ideas competition will be taken into account in the preparation of a subsequent design competition that is to bring the concept even closer to realisation. A total fund of EUR 100,000 has been set aside for prizes to the winning entries in the competition.

The ideas competition is co-sponsored by the Danish Realdania Foundation. 

Read more at www.houseoffairytales.odense.dk

Further information
Torben Grøngaard Jeppesen, museum director,
Odense City Museums, tgj@odense.dk Tel: +45 65 51 46 00 / +45 20 90 13 10
Jørgen Clausen, chief executive, City of Odense,
jc@odense.dk ; tel: +45 65 51 10 00
Lars Autrup, project manager, Realdania; tel: +45 70 11 66 66

The international ideas competition is open to everyone throughout the world and is particularly aimed at architects, museum professionals, communicators, designers, landscape architects, urban planners, theatre professionals and others with good ideas. The Danish Architects’ Association will act as competition adviser throughout the competition period.

Competition entrants are asked to present proposals for an overall communication and space design concept that links together the existing facilities at the site in a single unified attraction of international standing with a clear focus on the fairytales. The result of the ideas competition will be an important contribution to the development of the brief for a subsequent restricted design competition.

Competition entries should take the vision for a Hans Christian Andersen House of Fairytales and a fairytale garden set out in the competition brief into account and should describe the museum presentation and communications aspects and the spatial and architectural framework of the House of Fairytales and the garden in a single concept.

Entries must be submitted no later than 29 November 2013, and the competition result is scheduled for announcement in late March 2014. The subsequent design competition is expected to be launched later in 2014. The scope of the project as well as its budget and time schedule will be determined on the basis of the result of the ideas competition.

The ideas competition brief can be downloaded at www.houseoffairytales.odense.dk


IFLA50 – Shared Memories

IFLA World Congress 2013

The following provides you with details of some further information that you might like to access on the IFLA50 Congress .

Some of our keynote speakers have provided copies of their powerpoint presentations, you can view these at the NZILA and NZILA Education Foundation websites.

Video: A short summary video giving a flavour of the Congress will be available soon on the NZILA website.

Shared Memories Photo Album: A photo album of photographs from the IFLA50 World Congress is available on the NZILA Website at www.nzila.co.nz and an e-book version at the following link – http://issuu.com/rbdavies/docs/ifla50_world_congress_photo_album 

IFLA50 Photos Available: If you would like to view all the photography taken during the IFLA50 Congress you can view at the following facebook page of our official photographer (or just google Meg Campbell-Back). https://www.facebook.com/pages/Meg-Campbell-Back-Photography/120966957964246

You can download a low resolution copy of the photos from the facebook page or if you would like a high resolution copy then please email rdavies@unitec.ac.nz with the number of the photo you require and we will email you a copy.

Proceedings: An updated proceedings including some of the keynote speaker papers and published papers on the topic areas of the Congress is available on the NZILA, NZILA Education Foundation and IFLA websites.  It is also available in a 2 part e-book on the following ISSUU weblinks.



Student Competition: A copy of the student competition results and images of the winning projects is available on the IFLA, NZILA and NZILA Education Foundation websites and an e-book publication at the following link in ISSUU http://issuu.com/rbdavies/docs/student_comp

If you have any queries regarding any of the information above or on the websites, please contact Renee Davies on rdavies@unitec.ac.nz

On behalf of the IFLA50 Organising Committee we hope that you will peruse the information above and reflect on the topics explored throughout the World Congress. We thank you again for your attendance and support and look forward to seeing you at future IFLA World Congresses.

Renee Davies 
IFLA50 Convenor

Seeking Senior Landscape Architect / Landscape Architect

Attractions International Ltd. is a multidisciplinary design firm with projects throughout Asia. We provide opportunities for long term career development with an expanding international practice. Become part of creative and passionate team with high profile jobs. We offer attractive compensation and benefit packages.

To support our existing talented team and our fast expansion, Attractions International is now seeking high caliber candidates for the following positions:

Senior Landscape Architect / Landscape Architect

Job Duties:

You will be required to lead our team of designers and control the design direction and time lines for a number of projects simultaneously. Working directly with our company directors, you will need to develop the designs and manage the team to meet presentation deadlines as well as coordinate with the client and all other relevant consultants.

Essential Skills:

Be a registered Landscape Architect with minimum 10 years experience. Have a proven record in a design and result oriented company

Self-motivated, proactive approach;

Manage and provide design direction to our design team to meet the deadlines;

Proficient in the planning and administration of projects

Be a team leader, strong in project management, creative.

Have a energetic, independent, and responsible personality

Able to work under pressure;

Fluency in both spoken and written in English and Mandarin is preferred.

Applicants with less experience who can demonstrate exceptional design skill and potential will also be considered.

Please apply for above position to: avril@attractions-international.com and make sure to include your resume, portfolio, present and expected salary.